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Meet Allison Suarez, an architect and Peruvian apron-wearer. We met in San Diego at a Bat Mitzvah party (!). Her smile was like an invitation to chat it up and one which I immediately warmed to.Allison Suarez and us_Peru globalapron [640x480]

After living almost five years in Australia, Allison was on her way home to Peru. She was making stops along the way to spend time with friends and family, which is how our paths crossed at the Bat Mitzvah – Allison was in attendance as a friend of the solo guitarist.

I’ve always had Peru in mind as a destination to visit, my curiosity of the region piqued by an apron I’d been given. When I asked Allison about Peruvian aprons and the special pocket design, she immediately began telling me her apron story.

The smell of purple corn pudding transports me to my grandma’s kitchen when I was four. She was the number one fan of Peruvian cuisine, so visiting her was always a good excuse to get spoiled. I loved helping her as she cooked. Stirring the pudding with a wooden spoon was always my job. “Be always careful with the pan,” I remembered her saying. While we cooked, I wore my favourite apron, a woven apron with zip pockets. I used to keep the cinnamon powder container in one of the pockets, that way I wouldn’t forget to put it on top of the pudding when serving. What a pleasure to spend time with my grandmother!”

Peru apron_little girl

Peru apron_little girl pocket

The zippered pocket is a design element I’ve never before seen on an apron, other than the one I was given by someone who traveled through South America. The traveler told me that in Peru and other SA countries, women walk around wearing their aprons – the zippered pockets holding money and other items that needed to be kept safe from pickpockets. A true apron-as-purse.

Peru apron_ea in lady apronMy apron is almost like a skirt, it wraps so far behind. There are two side zipper pockets and a very deep front pocket that is divided into three separate pockets.

Peru apron_lady pocket 1

Tying on my apron so PC could take a snap of me wearing it, I had my hands in the front pockets, when I looked down and noticed the middle pocket sported a zipper! This is about the cleverest apron design I’ve ever seen. I’ve had this apron for years and never noticed the center zippered pocket. Wonders in apron-land just do not cease!

Peru apron_lady front pocket

Allison now lives in Lima, where she is a landscape architect. She loves to travel and “…meet people on my way.” A Peruvian apronista on her own lovely journey.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!

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  1. Wow! How interesting. I guess every place has there own styles. Here in Ohio we had Pinner Aprons. I just found my Grandma had one..not sure how old it is. She said buttons were too precious so they attatched the apron with safety pins.

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