EllynAnne and Jessie Steele Tie One On!

Here I am smiling at high voltage because Jessie Steele , the apron company, is now partnering with me to promote National Tie One On Day!

National Tie One On Day puts the give back into Thanksgiving through a gesture of kindness, and the apron is a part of the giving. Claire and Helena Steele relate to the recognition and remembrance that is National Tie One On Day, and through Jessie Steele will help to bring National Tie One On Day to greater attention!

I flew to California to meet and give a hug to the Steele ladies – here I am with Helena …very sadly, Claire caught some bug or another and was too ill to join us.

Following lunch, we went to the offices of Jessie Steele, where I made the introduction of Christina Rosa, JS’s marketing coordinator:

Elaine, an assistant designer:

Larry Phillipes, the VP of operations:

And Tim Bayless, JS’s sales manager:

This is the first of many Tie One On Day announcements – I’m so excited and cannot wait to share all that we’re coming up with to promote National Tie One On Day! Until then…
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. How Awesome!
    How fun to follow your heart & apron strings….
    Hmmm, I am thinking you need a Vintage Trailer, dolled up in vintage linens/aprons motif to take with you on your Apron traveles!

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