Clowning Around and Tying One On

I’ve appeared on many an early morning television show to promote my exhibit Apron Chronicles , or my books or my aprons as collectibles and story telling vehicles, and it’s always been my pleasure to do so, despite the very early hour I need to arise to prepare myself. What makes the whole thing less an ordeal is someone associated with my appearance picks me up, hands me a lovely cup of coffee, and then drives me to the station.

Not so with yesterday’s appearance to promote Sunday’s apron extravaganza in Manitou Springs. With the television station a “googled” hour drive from my house, I was my own transportation. For an 8:20 a.m. slot, I needed to arrive by 8 to meet the hosts and stage-set the segment. That meant leaving no later than 6:45 with a built-in 15 minutes for getting lost (which was a good thing in this case), which meant a 5:30 wake up, which wouldn’t have been so bad, except I’d put off washing my hair until so late, it wasn’t dry at 4:30, so the day began much earlier then anticipated.

I arrived at the station without too much incident (lost only twice, a record low!). Tiptoeing into the recording facility, I rounded the corner to see:

Clowns were promoting the Ringling show! And the red bauble nose of clown (Left) matched my new red patent high heels! There’s a photo of me with the clowns, but taken on someone else’s camera. This is a phone pic, a bit fuzzy, but their adorable clowny personalities comes through.

Here’s my segment, which followed the clowns’. They juggled and I giggled.

Tie One On in Manitou Springs this Sunday: “Vintage aprons — and the joyous memories attached to them — are the focal point of an event this weekend in Manitou Springs.”

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


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