Our friends went from living in the arid environment of Pueblo to Lenno, a little township along the shoreline of Lake Como. Gianetta and Guiseppe (formerly known as Jeanette and Joe) putter about the Lake in a little wooden lucia. We went sightseeing in the lucia, and the view from the water is just gorgeous, one villa after the next, including George Clooney’s, which looks very similar to another villa…so much so, the owners put up this sign

(it says NO GEORGE and points down the Lake), to stop the tour boats going by and blaring over loudspeakers HERE’S WHERE THE FAMOUS MOVIE STAR GEORGE CLOONEY LIVES!

This however, is where the real GC lives when he’s “in town” – in Uria (that would be your ferry stop). It’s the big villa down by the water, with greenery to the right and left.

When George needs to borrow a cup of sugar, he can get it from his ‘hood neighbor, Donatella Versace.

The big city on the Lake is Como, and travel there is by ferry. From the moment we’re off the boat, it’s one little cobblestoned street after the next, all lined with shops. And within a few blocks, we came upon this, an apron store!

Then off to the big indoor market, where I took pictures of the food displays. Two I must share:

Yes, if you’re thinking Is this stall selling horse meat?

Following luncheon for 2 hours – typical here, new to us, and definitely a lifestyle to pine for – we meandered, stopping to window gaze, which is when my gaze wandered and I made eye contact with a street corner musician, who in two seconds was out of his seat and serenading us, an experience I can only equate to having the waitstaff in a restaurant sing happy birthday to me.
We finally managed to ditch Mr. Accordian Man:

I am forbidden with making eye contact with anyone during the rest of our vaca. Except GC.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


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