Best Super Bowl Sunday Ever!

Traveling to the venue that’s hosting Apron Chronicles and assisting with the opening activities is always a fun and busy time. My visit to Chisholm, Minnesota and Ironworld has been pedal to the metal since I arrived last Wednesday. Promoting the museum and Apron Chronicles took me all over, which gave me the chance to see the beautiful landscape of this part of the country, plus ice fishing! In hopeful anticipation of glimpsing this activity, I’d brought my snowglobe, and together we posed by a portable man cave:

 Highlight #2 was today’s apron fashion show. I’d written a script and provided aprons from my collection, which were modeled by the contestants in the Miss Hibbing Winter Frolic Festival. Giggly and adorable, they tied on vintage aprons and with much flirt and frolic, were absolute stars. 

The show was filmed (I’ll post a video as soon as I receive a copy), and upon the finale with all 16 wearing the frou frou aprons of the Fifties, I was surprised with a presentation: a vintage apron signed in colorful markers by the girls – Dannelle, Michelle, Dana, Whitney, Angela, Rachel, Traci, Elizabeth, Morgan, Tiffany, Devany, Jennifer, Christine, Sabrina, Amy and Jaimelee. 

An apron memory to cherish. 

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Hey! I fashioned the apron runway event to include stories by contributors to Apron Chronicles and memories I’ve heard over the years. I did an okay job commentating, but more importantly, I didn’t botch any of the girls’ names!

  2. Yep, a new border/background is in the works for the entire website. First test was to apply it to this blog page, to see how it looked, and frankly, I love it! I’ll have to take a picture of the yardage the design is from – it’s a dish towel, all hand hemmed. Thanks for noticing!

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