Apron Parade

When I accepted the invitation to travel to North Carolina and share my apron journey with the Triad Quilt Guild, I worried just a tad that given the date was Labor Day, attendance would be sparse. Well, fiddle dee dee! to that notion, was President Laura Skinner’s response to my concern, and was she ever right! Seems the Guild’s monthly meeting is high priority to the membership, even when it falls on a holiday. So it was no surprise to Laura nor anyone else

when over 100 members arrived, most donned in an apron. The most fun aspect of my traveling about is the aprons I see and the stories I hear – always something new.

At the Triad’s meeting, I was also treated to an apron parade. Once everyone in their aprons got up and marched to the front of the room, Laura read the well-oft quoted poem, Grandma’s Apron. Of the many versions I’ve read and heard, this one has the sweetest last stanza. I took a video of the reading and have posted it here. I hope you enjoy it.

Tie One On…an apron, of course


  1. Katmom, hey! So many aprons, so many apron stories – oh, for the time to share them all. Well, one of the aprons that I was shown by a Triad Guild member is also an apron that you will especially enjoy. I’m saving it for a holiday time blog, so patience sweet kittie!

  2. There’s something about an apron, heels, and a string of pearls that prompts a pose. The apron I’m wearing has rhinestones imbeded on the pocket and the skirt, so I felt kitchy koo and shiny bright, too.

  3. Tina, thank you so much for visiting my website and sharing that the poem read at the Triad Quilt Guild was a plagiarized version of your prose, Grandma’s Apron. I found your assertion so interesting, because I have a file thick with versions of that poem. Declaring ownership of Grandma’s Apron puts you in good company with a lot of people!

    Your use of the word plagiarized and claim of ownership of Grandma’s Apron is the topic of my next blog. Thank you so much for the inspiration!


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