Apron Chronicles Crosses All Borders

It was this same time 6 years ago that I flew to Dallas for a meeting with The Women’s Museum. I’d read about TWM and was struck by the museum’s mission statement as complementary to my goals for Apron Chronicles. The result of that meeting was my exhibit’s national debut in Dallas in 2006 and TWM takeover of Apron Chronicles’ management. I still feel the need to pinch myself over this extraordinary good fortune! Over the years, I’ve worked with wonderful ehibit registrars, and anticipate an excellent relationship with Danielle Flores, the new registrar of just a few months.

The Women’s Museum has the most gorgeous interior. If you are ever in the Dallas area, you should not miss experiencing this venue. Here we are on the staircase, which appears suspended in air as it winds from the entry level to the top floors.

Apron Chronicles is 1 of 3 exhibits the museum manages – Lauren Green’s Thin and Annie Leibovitz’s Women. AC is in very good company! Regularly on tour, Annie’s exhibit is in-house for now and opening to the public this Friday. Although there’s a policy discouraging any camera use within the exhibit, Danielle allowed I might take this photo from a vantage that the camera’s flash wouldn’t intrude on the portraits.

The exhibit is like seeing the pages of Rolling Stone come alive, only in sizes like 4′ by 3′. It’s very cool. I loved it.
Today, I’m in Ft. Worth, readying for my first view of Apron Chronicles at the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame. Later, I’ll be doing a docent tour and then a gallery talk and social time with members of Cowgirl.
While in my room typing up this post, the housekeeper popped in. She was wearing a service apron…lots of pockets and a rag looped through the waist ties, like a chef or someone in the food industry. A perfect audience to tell about the exhibit, or so I thought. Until I tried explaining the concept of an apron exhibit to someone with limited English skills. But I persevered, as did she, and together we concluded that after living here for years, she will visit a museum for the first time and take her daughter with her. Such is the magic of Apron Chronicles – it really is America’s exhibit and crosses the barriers that can exist between museums and the general working public. The second thing the housekeeper and I concluded: I need to work on my Spanish!
It’s sunny in Texas and I’m thinking of taking a walk, which may or not have me ending up at Anthropology, which is very close by. Can I resist? That I even asked that question is ridiculous.
Tie One On…an apron, of corse!

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