A Timely Departure

If we’d only left for the airport on time, we would have missed the late afternoon thunderstorm. Flooded roadway, wipers on High, speed drastically reduced…and as suddenly as the storm began, the rain stopped, and an enormous rainbow seemed to drop out of the clouds. I rolled down the window and snapped this picture – which I cannot believe turned out so well!

I’ve driven that highway for over thirty years, and don’t recall ever seeing that ranch sign; now, I’ll see it every time we go north, and I’ll be reminded of the drive to the airport for our 34th anniversary trip.

It was my preference that we dress up to fly half a day. Not until I looked at this photo did I realize that in our coordinated clothing, we resembled a doll duo.

That aside, whether it was my pearls or his shiny shoes, we drew the attention of the flight staff. And upon hearing it was our 34th anniversary, champagne was poured and we received the captain’s congratulations.

By the time the plane landed, I’m sure I gained an entire vacation’s worth of weight in 12 hours. That flowy little dress turned out to be a very smart style choice. Now to walk it off as we eat our way through Italy!
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


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