a Simply Sublime Giveaway!

Based on my clicking preferences at amazon, the site has taken to recommending books. Well, alright!, I thought, figuring I’d follow one link to see just how spot on the trackers are. The book, a craft selection, featured an apron on the cover, so adorably photographed. Visual that I am, I was sold.

Giveaway_Jodi Kahn_craft book [640x480]

Curious about the author, I followed link upon link to Jodi’s website. Then more clicking to see her recent appearance on the Today show, where she made a tote from a tee shirt, duct tape and a stapler, to multiple magazines and this wallet crafted from comics and iron on vinyl. Jodi is obviously a very creative person, endlessly inspired by what lies about our homes.

Giceaway-Jodi Kahn wallet [640x480]

I was so taken with the bucolic design of her site in juxtaposition with the excitement of her creations, I contacted Jodi to tell her just this. And to request a copy of Simply Sublime Gifts to giveaway.

Jodi is delighted to provide such a giveaway, and it will be awarded Wednesday, January 5th. To enter to win, just leave a comment by Tuesday, late late evening. Winner selected by random human (much more fun than the generator).

Conversing with Jodi was like chatting the old fashioned way – no impatience to hurry things along, to make a point in 140 characters (or less! for the uberachievers), use icons instead of language or the worst – tippitytaptapping an email to someone else as I’m speaking.

I miss when we made time for real conversation. Such is this new leaf idea for the new year!

wall telephone_woman in apron_cropped


Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Toooo funnny!
    please toss my name in the “apron pocket” for the drawing….
    : > )
    My 1st thought when I saw Jodi’s apron…’Wonder Bread’…tooo cute!
    & I agree, a good ol’ fashioned phone call lifts the spirits way better then a hand full of well meaning but emotionless
    sending you snow covered apron hugz

  2. The bread wrapper apron sounds like fun! I would like that, too! My Girl Scout troop of teen girls might like it, also. If I don’t win, where can I buy the book?


  3. Ellen, I just love your site and aprons! I work in Fort Worth and can’t wait see the exhibit! Very Exciting! I remember my mom, & grandmothers always wearing aprons. When I had a daughter I started her out young with them. Now it is tradition! Just last month my mom sent me the last apron my grandma made. I don’t know how old it is but she has been gone for 27 years and she was very sick before she died so it is probably at least 3o yrs old. It is a treasure I’ll always have!!

  4. Wow. I checked her out and it would be fun to live in her house with so many fun things to do with her. I watched the “Today” video where she makes a tote bag out of a T-shirt…I want to try this in the next couple weeks. Please count me in this giveaway, I can only imagine what else I’ll make if I win her book. Thanks for checking her out! BTW, The apron on the front of the book looks like the wrapper from the Wonder bread I ate as a kid!

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