One of my favorite things to do is spend hours at an antique mall, where oodles of different vendors have created mini-shoppes. Such a mall is in my sons’ neighborhood up in Denver. It opens at 11 am on Sunday, and when we’re up there, I’m standing at the front door waiting for the owner to open up. Entering, I get this anticipation, excited heartbeat thing going…one just never knows what might be discovered, as was the case when I found this original Butterick Transfer from 1945 in the bottom of a dusty cardboard box!

At the cash register, the fellow turned it over in his hands, shrugged his shoulders and asked me what I thought it was worth. I had to keep myself from shrieking What’s the cost of priceless?! I returned his shrug and offered $2.00. I, who pay full price for everything, who never ever bargains, purchased a piece of history for two dollars. 

My joy compounded when the Butterick/McCalls Company offered 

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