What separates us from the animal world is the ability to process a lot of information and make an intelligent decision. Or so I define it. Going with that premise, I have a long list of what needs to be accomplished by tomorrow afternoon and I know perfectly well the “why” behind each. My parents had such high standards of a work ethic, which they tried very hard to install in their children; therefore, they would not be proud of my decision to sloth instead of produce. But the choice has been made and before pouring a glass of the loveliest wine and calling my dear girlhood friend Ginny Ray and chatting it up until PC walks in the door, I’m sharing two of my favorite things: Cashmere socks purchased at the JCPenny’s sale for only $2.50 a pair

and this cartoon, which I cut out of the newspaper in 1995
Wishing y’all the happiest of everything in this new year,
Tie One On…an apron, of course!

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