21 Days of NTOOD Giveaways Winner #3

National Tie One On Day’s November 3rd winner is #62 / Candy.
Candy’s goodies are a My Memories Suite software package + a gift certificate to my.memories.com and from the American Sewing Guild, a gift package and year membership.

How Candy is putting the “give” back into Thanksgiving
I have one of my Gram’s aprons and use it often. I will make pumpkin bread and take it to the wife of a friend who is currently in a nursing home. 

National Tie One On Day is a win/win for those who participate and those who receive, and the more who are involved, the more who experience a gesture of kindness. SO, please spread the love and the mission of National Tie One On Day!

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xxea and NTOOD sponsors


    1. I love fall sunsets, the leeavs changing, farmers harvesting their crops and getting stuck behind tractor men, cooking, nesting, crafting, camp fires, pumpkin seeds, pies, Thanksgivng, scarves, boots, coats all the standard things.But most recently I have come to love and find comfort in the symbolism of fall. I’ve had to come to terms with suddenly losing my father to cancer and it hasn’t been easy. Now all I have left are his memories and I feel like it is my duty to live my life through his philosophy because he was the most caring, admirable person I know. He never judged anyone, helped anyone as much as he possibly could and loved unconditionally. He was very level headed and lived by the philosophy that, life’s too short to be pissed off all the time, too many things aren’t worth your time to be mad over pick your fights wisely. Don’t worry, be happy was his favorite song. He worked hard and would counter that with fishing and being completely unreachable somewhere in nature. He was never upset about having cancer, he accepted it and continued living his life just as he always had. When he told me he was sick he was still telling jokes. He was still happy. He still saw the beauty of life even though his was being slowly, painfully destroyed. He had lived his life the best way he could and was honest and hardworking and couldn’t have asked for more. He was at peace.Fall is a time of death, leeavs fall and mold, trees become bare. But right before that happens the colors of fall are so amazing, simply breathtaking. Fall is also time to reflect and be thankful. I’m thankful my dad taught me how to enjoy the simple beauty of life because it doesn’t last forever. Your life is going to end and it might not be seem fair but the world still goes on. That’s life. You can’t take things for granted or be mean to people. All you can do is be happy and enjoy the view before it’s gone.

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