TIE ONE ON DAY 2017 Celebrates 12 Years of Kindness!

The more who participate, the more who receive acts of kindness


Twelve years ago on Thanksgiving eve, I wrapped a baked good in an apron with a handwritten note of sympathy tucked in, and delivered it to a neighbor experiencing more heartache than should ever be. Her response of delight and warmth was unexpected and very touching.

In offering a small gesture of recognition to her family’s situation, I was stunned at the joyfulness that I experienced. The win-win of the exchange was so memorable, I knew it had to be shared. So I created TIE ONE ON DAY™.




To encourage adding Tie One On Day to your Thanksgiving traditions, a dedicated group of generous SPONSORS are putting some fabulous “give” into the TOODAY 2017 GOODIE GIVEAWAYS!

To enter the Tie One on Day Giveaways, leave a comment at the end of this blog posting, sharing how you will participate in this year’s TOOD. Your comment is your entry into the November 22nd giveaway drawings! Four (4) Giveaway Winners will be randomly selected and contacted via their provided email. ***Winner must live within the USA.

Thanksgiving is a holiday of sharing, recollection and traditions, and the apron symbolizes these concepts.

Please join in and tie one on…an apron, of course! and make a difference in someone’s life with a gesture of kindness.


Gratefully, EllynAnne


  1. I have a sweet neighbor that I want to take a dish too. I plan on wrapping the dish in a full apron instead of just cloth. She loves to cook for her huge family and I have never seen her wear an apron. Know she will love this gesture. I will wear an apron my friend sent me from TN for Tie One on Day a couple of years ago

  2. I have a neighbor who always makes a meal and delivers it to someone she knows is sick or having a difficult time. She asks around often to be sure she hasn’t missed someone! I know this past year has been hard on her with the passing of her father, and her very elderly mother still wanting to stay at home, my neighbor visits her mother daily and spends quite a bit of time assisting her in any way she can. I’ve been a recipient of her meals more than once this past year after my daughter passed away, and I want to return the kindness. After I learned of this wonderful apron/home baked good gifting activity, I knew what I wanted to do!

  3. My sister, who has rheumatoid arthritis, loves to bake/cook….but she cannot wear an apron that ties around her neck….too painful. I will make her one that is slips over the arms and ties in the back! Think 1940’s style. Bright colors of course!! 🙂

  4. Today is a sad day for so many. Our dog groomer takes care of the world and everyone in it, it seems and I love to give her my baked goods- this time it will be with an apron.

  5. I have a friend that I have not seen in a few months. I will make her a special apron and bring her a meal and homemade goodies to bless her and show her how much I miss her. Like Nancy, she is suffering from medical issues, and needs to know she is loved.

  6. This is such a wonderful idea and an honor for me to make an apron and treats for someone in need. Over the years, Nancy has inspired me to take my love of sewing to higher levels. To Tie One On in recognition of Nancy, would be my way of letting others know how genuinely compassionate, dedicated and loving Nancy Zieman is. She has touched the lives of so many and this gesture of kindness is what Nancy is all about.

  7. This is wonderful. I will make Christmas cookies and a shirt apron for my elderly friend who live along. I have Nancy Zieman for such a long time. Just loved her program.

  8. I immediately thought of my neighbor. She has done so much for me over the years. Sadly she is now suffering from dementia and no longer cooks. I think she would be more agitated at this point because she used to bake a lot and sometimes she is at herself enough to know what she is missing.

    My next thought was of a woman who sings with me in our church choir. She is a wonderful mother of grown children who have caused her a lot of heartbreak through the years. One is special needs and another has a mental disorder has had a problem with drugs. Things are looking better at the moment with her son in a treatment program and her daughter being helped through a work program, but it has been a long road for her and it is one that will never fully be over.

    I would be honored to make an apron for my friend in honor of Nancy who has been an inspiration for so many through the years. I help out with my elderly mother who will be 91 on November 28 and I am having Thanksgiving and Christmas at our house. Both celebrations include her three siblings who are all still living. If I can’t make one by the date, I will make it as soon as I possibly can.

  9. Last year, we made a “lefse run”, on TOODay. This year, I will make aprons and other items from our Aunt’s stash of fabric, as gifts to her girls. (she is in a nursing home, and they gave me some of her fabric when cleaning our her home) Already used her material to make “mini-aprons” (adult bibs) for the three aunts in the nursing home.

  10. I’m not entirely sure yet, but I may need to gift my boss. She’s lost her mother-in-law (a dear friend and a helpmeet in raising her children) and her nephew in the last month.

  11. Last year, I was a “give away” winner. The prizes are fantastic. This year I have upped my game and will not only be baking bread and pies to say thank you to some wonderful folks…I am also making loaves of bread for each mobile meal recipient. Thank you for being such a grand inspiration.

  12. I plan on promoting tie one on day actually on Nov18,2017 at a craft show I’m working at. 4 Paws for Ability located in Xenia, Ohio is a non profit I’ve worked with for the past 10 years. As a raffle donation I plan on giving 2 aprons , one to keep and one to give. These will be in a Thanksgiving pie box with a letter explaining the importance of the day and being kind.

  13. I am going to Sewing Camp this weekend where I plan to make a reversible Apron—–winter/snowman on one side and patriotic on the other side. Haven’t decided who will receive it yet, but will include freshly baked bread with it. Lovely way to celebrate friendship and all that a Nancy Zieman has done for us over the years.

  14. This year, I plan to tie one on by wrapping a fresh baked pie in an adorable gelato-themed apron from Italy and giving it to a security guard at my office. She lost her son a few years’ ago, and I know the holidays are hard for her. Love this tradition!

  15. One of my very best friends had to move from their home of many years to be closer to their only son. She has been living with a blood cancer for 7 years and now is caring for her husband that’s mind is drifting away from himself and her. She is now 3 hours away from where I live but I will be making the trips to visit them and be taking her some carrot bread wrapped in one of these aprons. I can’t wait to get started sewing them as there are a couple more of friends that deserve these same treats. Thanks for coming up with TOODay idea and sharing it with all of us and thanks to Nancy for all the caring and sharing she does.

  16. My sister and I have been making aprons to give as gifts to our very large family for Christmas. We took 12 to our Tuesday night sew group, when I saw our friends faces and how our friends loved up on certain aprons I told my sister we should give them an apron. I could tell who love what. It was a fun night. We may have to give aprons on Thanksgiving eve. Tie One On is a great ideal.

  17. I will be making aprons and bake goods for my adult children and their families. I’ll ask each family to pass the gifts to someone they know. I’ll ask that each family discuss who they will give this gift. I want to pass on the gift of giving. I hope to have them help me make the aprons and bake goods.

  18. I love this idea. I know of families who have faced deaths in their family this year. The first holiday without their family member will be hard. I hope the apron will symbolize a hug from their loved one.

  19. My aunt has just started dialysis and is a wonderful cook and baker! She can’t cook this year, but I will make her Mary Mulari’s apron and bake some breads for her guests. My aunt is hosting so her children & grandchildren can all be together on Thanksgiving. I love Mary’s crisscross apron as it puts no stress on your neck and no ties to fuss with. This is a wonderful program and something I plan to do annually! Thanks to Nancy Zieman for sharing this program with her followers. It is heartwarming to read all these stories.

  20. This is such a wonderful idea. It really doesn’t take much to make it happen. A little time making one more goodie and a little time at the sewing machine. The results far outweigh the effort. I want to try this this year and maybe even make plans for doing more of this throughout the year. It’s a good thing to do anytime.

  21. OH, what a wonderful idea. I make so many breads – would love to try the recipe given. Also, wanted to make a new apron this year – but since I have company coming (as usual) not only family – but friends also. I would love to make one for each of the women also – whether they help with the cooking or not – we will all be the same. Thank you.

  22. I have done this a few times. I am planning on it again this year. I have neighbors that I just love and will make bread along with the gift of farm fresh eggs from my hens and aprons of course! Thanks for sharing your love with us.

  23. I’m a beginning quilter and will be sharing your “Tie One On Day” with our Mastercrafters Quilt Guild this week. My Apron and Cherry bread will be shared with a dear friend. You are inspiring our beautiful giving spirit within us~

  24. Tie One On is such a warm and loving idea, Nancy–so YOU! God BLESS the folks above who left so many CARING ideas! We are away from home, i have no sewing machine here–I want to start as soon as i get back!!!! You are in my heart and prayers. (hugs)

  25. This sounds like a great tradition to start and carry on. I found one of my apron patterns just yesterday. Any unexpected act of kindness is always a blessing!

  26. I have made bread for years and gave it away. I live in the country. At the holidays it has been so much fun doing it. Some of the neighbor look forward to it. Some have pasted on but they are still in my heart remembering the look on their face when I came to their door.Leaving a loaf in the mail box
    for the postman .I have a grandson that calls every holiday and ask if I am making banana bread this
    year , if so please don’t forget his. I always make him 2 or 3 because he is a truck driver. He takes it with him. Your ideal of the apron is wonderful to add to some of the bread .A loaf to all an god Bless.
    Friends forever,Peggy

    I have made bread for years away it

  27. I live in a retirement community and there are many opportunities to help our neighbors. My neighbor across the street has gone through 3 horrible months ending, we thought, with her husband’s death. Then thru some silly laws here in Arizona she has had to wait a month to get him cremated and his ashes are still not buried in the military cemetery due to some snafu. I am going to make her an apron and give it to her with my favorite bread. This is a wonderful idea which I am going to carry forward to many others who live here. Thank you for setting up this and thanks to Nancy for all the creative years you gave us.

  28. What a wonderful idea! I will make several aprons (from authentic feedsack fabric) to gift along with cookies or bread for elderly neighbors living alone. I’m sure the aprons will be a sweet memory from the past

  29. Iam making my tie one on apron for my sons group home manager,( whom some of the guys call her mom). She has a very hard job taking care of different types of young men with disabilities. I had to put my son there when I got my illness and could no longer do it at home, mostly by myself. I know some days she looks very over whelmed and tired but she has the spirt of never giving up like me. And never complains.I would like her to know how much trust she has from me to take care of my son when I was no longer able to. Theres
    nothing more for me that iam forever more thankful for. I just want her to know how eternally grateful I will always be to her, and to god for making people like her. And god does answer prayers, my son was Diagnosed at the age of 5 with a milanant brain tumor. He is now 38 years old and wasn’t suppose to live over two years after his surgery. Iam thankful to god for always putting people in my life at the right times. I hope everyone has a blessed thanksgiving.

  30. I LOVE THIS and I’m thankful that my friend passed this along. I have an older gentleman who lives alone and invited him over for Thanksgiving this year. I think I may just do this for him as well! I’ll start my search for others as I really love this idea.

  31. I am in a home extension club and two of our members have lost their mother within the past year and a third lost her father just over a year ago. I am hoping to get 3 aprons done and the quick breads made.

  32. I love to make aprons out of dress shirts that I have dyed using the ice method. They are bright and bring smiles to the receiver. What a great idea to include something baked by me with the recipe and a note of encouragement to make their day brighter. Thanks.

  33. My neighbor lives alone and suffers from arthritis, and carpal tunnel. She is unable to bake, so my gift of an apron and baked goods wrapped with love will bring a smile to her face, she does anything she can to help others. Blessing and prayers to Nancy and her family.

  34. I have 2 new neighbors and I will be participating and share an apron and a lovely treat with them to show my appreciation to them for being my neighbors. What a great way of saying “Welcome to the neighborhood.

  35. What a great idea to bake a loaf of bread and give it away at this time of year. First I’ve heard of the Tie One On. Fun apron pattern to sew up. What a blessing of giving this Thanksgiving Season. Thank You for your giveaway!

  36. I miss Nancy Zeiman and so sorry for what she is going through.
    I plan to “Tie One On” for a neighbor lady who just lost her beloved husband.

  37. I will be making an apron and a loaf of pumpkin bread in honor of my late Mother “Betty” to share with my wonderful neighbors. My Mother would of been 94 on November 22. What a great idea!

  38. A good friend of ours is going thru some rough chemo treatments. He has such a good heart and always helps others. I will take a banana loaf wrapped in an apron for his wife (the caretaker) and pot of homemade potato soup for him wrapped in a “Best Griller” apron for him. He has throat cancer and the bread is too heavy for him to swallow, so a pot of soup will be easier for him to eat.

  39. During Thanksgiving my future in-laws always request a Mississippi Mud Pie and so I make two & send one with my son. Theirs is a very big family who all enjoy! Love your idea of an apron, I think kitchen towels with the embroidered recipe & picture would be a great idea! Thank you, Susan

  40. Grandma Bessie used her apron to shoo her flock of chickens into the coop before nightfall and then collected the last few eggs of the day in it to bring into the house.

  41. Oh this is a great idea. I had not heard of it before. I see several aprons on my horizon. I have two older ladies who live next door to me (a Mother and Daughter). These ladies have been a real blessing to me. This is a great way, I can show my appreciation. This is also a great idea, to give to a co-worker who has been very supportive, during a health crisis I experienced earlier this year. Thanks for sharing the great bread recipe. Happy Sewing!!!

  42. I love this idea. I haven’t participated b4, but I would like to this year. Texas has had a rough year with the 2 hurricanes hitting the coast and now the worst mass shooting in a Baptist church near San Antonio. I don’t know of anyone in my neighborhood that has suffered from these 3 events, but I will make at least one apron and nut bread for someone, possibly our new young neighbors who have just moved in next door after remodeling a house and are expecting a baby soon.

  43. I love this idea and love giving Thanksgiving more attention since the stores seem to go from Halloween to Christmas which I don’t like. This is something wonderful to participate in. Just love this idea!!

  44. This will be my first Thanksgiving in a new neighborhood in a new state and I’m going TOOD for my neighbors. It will be a great way to meet my neighbors and spread some love!

  45. I would love to present a Cutsie new Apron and Special treat to my Granddaughter Emily on The First Celebratory Dinner in her new Home! Gotta do it 😃

  46. I have been on a campaign for a number of years to promote Thanksgiving, and this is a natural for me! I teach a monthly community sewing group, called the “Sew What! Community Sewing Group” at our local public library, and I presented this idea to them in October as a yearly project. I taught them a simple apron that has bias binding around all the edges and gave them the particulars on how to participate in TOOD. I’m looking forward to our next class this Thursday to find out which of my ladies are planning to participate, and how. EllynAnne inspired me to start my very own apron collection 11 years ago, and I now have over 160 in my collection. I have presented my “History of the Apron” talk four times around our State of Kentucky since 2008 and have so much fun with it! I even have 8 of my paternal grandmother’s aprons, most of which I remember seeing her wear around the farmhouse. She died in 1972, so I feel very close to her when I wear one of her aprons!

  47. Love this idea. Just donning an apron brings a smile and memories of times with loved ones. My grandmother was always wearing an apron and not only did she teach me about cooking, canning and gardening but shared her love for us by nourishing our bodies and souls. May we all use our time in the kitchen to share our love with family and friends.

  48. What a great tradition…for friends to friends and grandma to grand-girls (of which I have five who love to cook)!
    Loving on friends and family through food is the best. Time spent in the kitchen with cooking, baking, and conversation is the best. Your idea is the best! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  49. I just found out that someone in my neighborhood has been going through many health issues. I hadn’t seen her out all summer. I plan to give her a gift of a special raspberry bread I make and will tie an apron and a note for her. What a wonderful idea. Thank you!

  50. I will bake with my 3 granddaughters and 6 grandsons. We will take some muffins and quick bread to neighbors and family for the Tie one On Day. My granddaugters will make an apron too. This they will give to their mom’s for Christmas.

  51. I will bake with my 3 granddaughters and 6 grandsons. We will take some muffins and quick bread to neighbors and family for the Tie one On Day. My granddaughters will make an apron too. This they will give to their mom’s for Christmas.

  52. I will bake cookies with two great grandchildren (5 and 7) and take our goods to a house bound friend and her daughter. I will make the apron for their Mom and they will wrap the gift as well as bake.

  53. In the last two years, I had back surgery and just as I was recovering from that, I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer. The mother of my three youngest Godchildren stepped right up and took over on Thursdays, so my husband could continue going to his Thursday appointment. She is between my two children in age and is the best thing, other than my education, that I got out of going to college as an older student. I will be making a jeans apron and wrapping it around a pan of cornbread, so she will have the first step in making cornbread dressing done. (I’ll probably give it to her a day early, so she can let it stale up a bit.)

    I love that you are honoring Nancy, as she has made such a difference for so many of us.

  54. Love this idea, I will make some goodies to wrap in the Crisscross Apron (pattern that I just bought from Nancy Notions.) and send to my granddaughter. She loves to cook and has a new baby to take care of. This is a great idea.

  55. Wonderful idea. I plan on gifting to a friend whose mother passed away last year. She was a quilter and a baker. I plan on making an apron with my friend’s name embroidered on one pocket and her mother’s name on the other pocket. Baked goodies will be wrapped with the apron and tied in much love. Thank you for recognizing Nancy in such a wonderful way for all she has done to make all of us better sewers.

  56. What a great idea. I love the idea of including a note of kindness. We finally have some good neighbors after years of some touchy things, (not involving us). So it will be a good way to thanks them.

  57. This idea is GREAT! My plans are to make several for the many ladies (and guys) that I am very thankful for in my life. The different apron styles are exciting!

  58. Amazing! I had never heard of this before but just made my list. It is getting quite long. These are greatly loved people who always care for others. How perfect to give something to them from the heart.

  59. Last year I made two aprons and gifted them with bottles of homemade wine.
    I have one apron completed and plan to make a second apron next week.
    I’ll wrap the aprons around bottles of my latest batch of wine to give.
    I think this is a wonderful idea for sharing a gift for the holidays.

  60. This year, my only granddaughter is away from home, attending grad school. She will not be able to be home for Thanksgiving with the rest of the family. I am going to make her an apron and wrap it around her favorite, pumpkin with white chocolate chips and send it to her. It will be a little bit of home and let her know how we are supporting her, and she can enjoy both treats.

  61. This the first I’ve heard of this. What a wonderful program. I definitely will be participating. I live in a 55+ community and have someone in mind. Thanks for the inspiration.

  62. I’m making an apron for my beautiful daughter-in-law for her making Thanksgiving dinner. I have made aprons for her and the four “grands” but her apron has been used with love and close to being worn out…time for a new one and on a special day of thanks for our special family!

  63. My grandmother made aprons (tie at the waist). She died in 1989 so I would like to gift my cousins with an apron and my grandmother’s pecan pie with her recipe in memory of her and to carry on the tradition.

  64. First I am hearing about this tradition, so my contribution will be a little different. I have been on a campaign to send little encouraging notes to all the older folks who helped me over the past 40 years. Most are in their 70s and 80s. I will try to make Nancy Ziemans’ bread recipe and get it to some of the more frailer ones on my list. Just gotta find a simple apron pattern first!

  65. My goal is to make children’s aprons for two neighborhood families with boys; with their bread loaf, I’ll also include muffin, nut bread and pizza crust recipes for them to try to make themselves. My nephew loved his pizza and pasta dish cookbooks that I gave to him when he was their ages.

  66. What an awesome idea. I have a friend who recently lost a sister. I will be making an apron and wrapping it around a loaf of pumpkin bread and sending it to her so she receives it in time for Thanksgiving.

  67. My sweet aunt is a widow and hosting Thanksgiving for my large extended family. 4 years ago I took her turn in the rotation cycle and her husband had just passed away. I would like to give her a simple meal wrapped in a beautiful apron.

  68. Each year at both my office and my church a collection is organized to donate food to either food pantries in the area or directly to families with a need. This year I plan to participate in both efforts, with an apron wrapped around a quick bread mix and the pan to bake it in.

  69. Again this year I will be baking breads for my dear neighbors in Ohio. I am busy sewing three aprons to wrap around the gifts. Happy Thanksgiving to all and thank you EllynAnne for reaching out to all the apron lovers. You are special!

  70. I have a niece that was in the hospital for 3 months because of a very bad wreck. She still has many more months of therapy to come. We are very thankful she is home. I will be providing Thanksgiving dinner for her family and some more of my family.

  71. My son survived the Santa Rosa fires thankfully. It’s not practical to ship baked goods across the country. I want to make him an apron and send him a good cookbook.

  72. Passing out mini aprons that fit the dish soap bottles, 22 to about 35 ounces. These aprons are so small that they’d even fit an 18 inch american Girl Doll. The only difference is the neck band is about a 4 inch upside down “U” which can also be used on many spray bottles and also decorates a wine bottle too. For the AG dolls, the top straps are long like the waist straps.

  73. Sorry I am too late for the official tie one on day, but I still have a blue gingham apron made for me by a Home Economics student of mine around 1962. She had been born missing half of one of her arms. I treasure several others. One made by my grandma, others from serving cake at weddings, small ones made for my young daughters. In times without automatic washers, aprons were a necessity.

  74. I have noted this on my calendar for November 2018…been researching criss cross aprons and looking for a chance to make a reversible one .. to share! Will participate in this in memory of Nancy…she has inspired many!

  75. I live in a small town with many widowed people live, and it seems that
    offering a baked item or a meal for a day would be welcomed by each person,
    so my church ladies and I will be doing our best to reach as many as we can,
    with opur aprons on of course.

  76. Twice-widowed neighbor across the street: I’ll bring her a loaf of bread wrapped in an apron. And, I’ll invite her for a Thanksgiving dinner, too!

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