Southern Ties – Jan. 24 thru April 5

Apron Chronicles: A Patchwork of American Recollections is a traveling exhibit that utilizes storytelling as a tool of remembrance and connection through the guise of the humble apron. Just as with every family’s best storyteller, the exhibit holds the attention of child to adult while piecing together the human experience, all at a languid pace, never in a rush to the end.

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January 24 through April 5, 2015 at the West Baton Rouge Museum

Touring since 2004, Apron Chronicles presents the American experience through 50 photographic portraits, apron memories and an outstanding collection of 100 vintage aprons. West Baton Rouge Museum curator, Angelique Bergeron, has added a local Louisiana touch to the exhibit by including collections of work aprons from chefs and blacksmiths, to a collection of aprons from the Port Allen Holy Family Church worn by women staging the annual St. Joseph’s Altar. In addition, LSU Textile Museum is loaning their display “Feed Sack Fashions” to be included in the Apron Chronicles exhibit.

Through the interpretation of the apron as more than just a domestic utility, the exhibit inspires us to recall our own apron memories and the lives of those who “tied one on…an apron, of course!”. In doing so, we find ourselves tied together more through our commonalities than differences.

Of all my apron projects,  Apron Chronicles is my greatest joy. That the humble apron should continue to bring into my life such bounty of trust and friendship is simply amazing.

The contributors to Apron Chronicles and their stories changed my life forever. I hope you, too, are so affected.

xo EllynAnne

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