Generous Giving Promotes Acts of Kindness

Over the summer, we attended a large arts festival, where we entered into numerous drawings for large prize packages. Suffice that the only thing we won was telemarketing ring-a-lings that are impossible to curb. I share this to let all know that your entry into any giveaway of my promotion will not result in such harassment.

It’s always a treat to hear from a happy winner!  Thank you, Erika and quilty for brightening Caroline’s day.

apron page in quilty
“Dearest EllynAnne,
Thank you for the opportunity to join in and be a part of “Tie One On Day”.  I love selecting cheery apron prints,  stitching them up and giving them to my friends and family.
I will be watching the mails for Quilty…What a perfect gift to inspire my Chanukkah and Christmas stitching.
Many Thanks,
Double Blessings & Sweet Shalom, Caroline”

The winner of the first (of four) fabulous giveaways will be announced

TOOD_2013_504x607 79 dpi

tomorrow, Wednesday/Nov. 6th.  ENTRY for all giveaways is HERE.  Just leave a comment at the end of the blog, sharing how you will participate in Tie One On Day. You only need comment once to be eligible for all giveaway drawings. Winner must have a US mailing address.

Tie One On Day sponsors provide their giveaway products as encouragement to your participation and spreading the word and love of TOOD. Click HERE for a listing of sponsors and their generous gifts.

Postcard from Jennifer Utter www (Medium)


Trolling the internet for Tie One On Day advertising opportunities, I am too often distracted by the popup ads for shoe shopping. For whatever the reason, I resisted pictures of the shoes “it” knew I was looking for and stayed focused on the quest, which ended up a more perfect fit than any shoes!

no pattern required Ruth logo

Courtesy of Ruth at nopatternrequired , Tie One On Day and I are featured on the site and in this interview:   Photos of my favorite spaces within our very electically decorated home and other vintage collections are sprinkled throughout. As if any of us need more browsing suggestions, must say that nopatternrequired is a really fun site to explore.

With the deluge of holiday advertising and other distractions (like pop up shoe sales), Tie One On Day rises to the top because it is a genuine effort to generate gestures of kindness towards those in need. Thank you for spreading the word and the love of TOODay, because the more who participate, the more who receive!

xx EA


  1. Oh, that’s too bad about the giveaway entrys being a way to get your telephone number. That’s. just. bad. of them. Thank you for conducting a giveaway on the up and up!
    Thank you, EllynAnn for hosting the Tie On On Day giveaway and thanks to all the sponsors – the prizes are lovely.

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