Vintage Patchwork a Modern Design

Although I don’t quilt, I love quilts. To me, a hand sewn quilt is a work of art, the hours spent creating it a testament to the virtue patience.

It is always stunning to me to find quilts in secondhand shops, tossed with the aprons and embroidered toweling as “mother’s old stuff.”  This quilt is one so rescued.

As a bed covering, the Dresden pattern brightens the room.

Dresden quilt full length www

Made up of scraps from the 1930s, it is a marvel. The bittiness and evenness of thousands of stitches defines awesome. Dresden closeup www

The Dresden design is a happy one, with the variety of fabrics complimenting without effort. I picked up a package of Dresdens that were never used to complete a quilt. I like looking at them, admiring the artistry and industry of the woman who so meticulously created each plate. Dresden from my collection www

But what to do with them?

To the rescue is creative sewer and quilting newbie Erika Mulvenna, who shows the possibilities of this beautiful pattern when applied to an apron.

apron page in quilty

Just in time for Tie One On Day, Erika’s easy apron projects are featured in

Erika_Quilty cover

The website for Quilty is and here’s the link to Erika’s aprons

It’s always a thrill when a friend’s talent is published. To celebrate Erika’s aprons, Quilty has provided two copies of this issue for giveaway. The magazine is page after page of tutorials, detailed photos and encouragement, and Mary Fons is a sweetheart of an editor.

So, how to win a copy of this magazine?  Just leave a comment at the end of this blog! Two (2) winners randomly selected and announced next Sunday, October 27th.

xx EllynAnne

Tie One On…Give from the heart…Then give thanks.

TOOD 2013 very clear image002

ENTRY for Tie One On Day Giveaways @


  1. I’m addicted to vintage aprons. I’ve collected many from thrifting and family! Glad I found out about the Tie One On Day!

  2. Please don’t ever stop your “Tie One On” newsletters!! Ideas,enthusiasm,and your overall love for stitchery shine thru, not to mention the love of APONS. I am a sewer and embroiderer AND a “newie” to quilting (love,love) Thank you and God Bless!!!

  3. I have always loved aprons. I wear one whenever I bake and so does my granddaughter. She is 13 yrs. old.
    My Mom and all my aunts also did – we lived on the farm and lots of cooking and baking was always going on.
    Love your newsletter. Thank you!!

  4. I love to quilt, but it’s hard to find time to finish a whole quilt LOL! But some patchwork on an apron … much more doable. Love this idea! Thanks for the chance to win the magazine.

  5. What a relief! As the only seamstress in the family, I inherited all of my grandmother’s unfinished quilt tops and squares. I’ve been wracked with guilt and worry about how to finish them all- this is a perfect use for the blocks! Thanks!

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