TIE ONE ON DAY and Give from the Heart



TIE ONE ON DAY™ is an annual opportunity throughout America to bring joy to the life of someone in need by giving from the heart.

Participation is oh-so easy. Simply wrap a baked good in an apron or other cloth and tuck in an encouraging note; then tie one on (an apron, of course!) and deliver your offering to one who could benefit from your gesture of kindness.

The more who participate, the more who receive!

To encourage your involvement and spread the love of TOOD, the dearest sponsors are providing their products for four scheduled giveaways on the four Wednesdays of the month (November 6, 13, 20, 27). The Grand Giveaway Winner of each of the four giveaways will be selected by a random number generator and announced on the four Wednesdays.

You need only enter once to be eligible for all giveaways!

ENTRY is by leaving a comment (+ your contact email!) here, on this blog. Sharing how you will celebrate TIE ONE ON DAY™ would be the best and offer inspiration to others.

TIE ONE ON DAY™ is a huge win-win, for the participant and the receiver. And by embracing TOOD, you will make someone else’s day brilliantly brighter.

TOOD reminds us of our heritage of generosity: “Women clad in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.”

So, let’s get to it! and Tie One On…Give from the heart…Then give thanks.



  1. I am working on finding/making an apron for the lady at our Church who with her little gang, cook up a delicious meal every Wednesday night for everyone who attends the Wednesday night activities (and even those who don’t, who just come by for a meal and fellowship or a meal to take home after a long Hump day).

    She is a retired Home Ec Teacher and she very obviously loves to cook.

    I have the idea formed in my head, now I just have to get it done!! I will send a picture when we give it to her.

  2. Sounds like fun! For me, it would be like Tie One on Week because I make everything, including the breadcrumbs for stuffing, from scratch and they need time to dry. However, since I moved to Colorado, I’ve found that they dry much quicker 😉 I try to do my baked stuff, like pies, on Tuesday and Wednesday. And turkey and sides on Thursday, of course.

  3. I remember being so little that Thanksgiving used to pop up from out of nowhere. The turkey would have been in the oven for hours before I was out of bed, the table set with the family’s best everything….now I know just how much work my mother, grandmothers, and aunts put into that magical ‘pop up’!

    Is it just me? Two days isn’t enough anymore. The shopping, digging out that special Thanksgiving tablecloth and napkin set and the ironing that’s needed to get a year of creases out, locating the yellowed family recipe cards that make the holiday our own, the frantic phone calls back and forth about how this one was responsible for the cranberries but she’s a berry person who looks down on the gel crowd, etc. One year noses are turned up at canned cream of mushroom soup and french fried onion rings; the next they’re delightfully retro.

    It takes me days to prepare, days to recover, and weeks to work those marshmallow sweet potatoes off my hips. One apron will hardly suffice.

  4. What a great way to show a neighbor how much you appreciate them! I will celebrate TOOD by making a couple of fresh pumpkin loaves, sewing a cute little apron in fall fabric, and tucking the loaves into the apron’s large pockets, then delivering it to my very special neighbor lady who looks after our house and pets while we go away!

  5. Last year I made myself a pretty fall apron; I had bought enough material to make another of same if mine turned out. We have new neighbors this summer, I am making the other apron for them havent decided yet to also give pumpkin bread or a pimpkin pie!

  6. I live out in the country and family will be in on Friday, not Thursday. I am planning to make several aprons and send to my friends far, far away…..by next day air. I will mail it on Monday so they get it by Tues or Wed. and can enjoy my old fashioned pumpkin loaves for their holiday dinners (if they don’t eat them before the guests arrive). This will be a fun way to share my day with them so many miles away. TOOD was a huge success last year too.

  7. I look forward to NTOOD every year…. and this year I am in a new home, new neighbors,,, so it will be even more fun!
    I posted on my blog as well as facebook,,, lets all join in a little ‘sharing & caring’.
    Happy NTOOD!

  8. I also am in a new house, just this month, and have been looking forward to meeting our new neighbors this season. I love the idea wrapping friendship bread and starter in an apron! Tie One On Day is such a sweet idea. Thank you.

  9. Hood River’s local 4-H groups heard about the Oak Street Hotel’s support of Tie One On Day, and on November 11th, they are going to have a huge apron making party. Then all the kids are going to wrap their aprons around food for the local needy and deliver in some way. It’s starting to catch on here and we’re thrilled to be a part of that!

  10. This year, TOOD falls on my Mom’s 69th birthday. Granted, she’s never been much of an apron wearer, but her Mom…my Grandma…had a wardrobe of them for every occasion. Grandma’s no longer with us, and the void her passing left is immeasurable…our family misses her so much. I will wear an apron to honor both of those wonderful, caring women…and hope that I leave a legacy of love as significant and meaningful as theirs.

  11. I LOVE sewing, wearing and giving aprons as gifts!
    I’m happy to join in and celebrate “TIE ONE ON THURSDAY”. My precious friend, Marian, is in a convalescent home and she will be thrilled to have a visitor bearing homemade gifts.
    Blessings and thanks for this opportunity,

  12. Hooray, it’s here again! This Tie One On Day, I am going to be sending an apron care package to my newly widowed aunt. After 55 years of marriage, this will be her first Thanksgiving on her own. I want to give her some reminders of the family ties that can’t be severed.

  13. I have a collection of over 200 aprons and give presentations on the History of Aprons and of course I wear
    an apron every day while sewing, quilting, cooking. I love making aprons as gifts, with all the beautiful
    fabrics-patterns available today. I always have aprons made ahead for gift giving . My Mother raised 15
    children, and I remember everyday she wore apron, changed to clean ones at meal time and made the
    nine girls wear an apron while we did our teen age chores. Many memories of those big Thanksgiving meals.
    Recently two families (doctors) move in across the street and to get acquainted with them, I will deliver some
    home made breads tucked inside an apron for the ladies. What a nice way to meet your new neighbor and
    celebrate TOOD. Blessings to all.

  14. Last year we lost our home and everything in it to Hurricane Sandy. With our family scattered, we had a Thanksgiving dinner that was offered for free to survivors. In the ensuing months in our tiny rented apartment, I’ve started to sew again on a donated machine. It has been a year and our chances of going back home are bleak, but I know I can brighten someone’s day by making aprons to be included in the Thanksgiving packages that are being handed out by our church.

  15. We will be celebrating Thanksgiving and TOOD with my Mom and brothers and their families in CA as we are from New Mexico. This is the first year without my Dad so lots of good memories will be shared and a good opportunity to give a little to each of them.

    Thanks for this opportunity…Blessings

  16. Since I do not live close to family we’ll probably spend Thanksgiving with friends. This is may be a great way to bring a hostess gift to the hard working woman that will do most of the work. And who doesn’t love a homemade gift, especially an apron!!

  17. I have always felt like Thanksgiving was “left in the dust” between Halloween and Christmas, but it’s my favorite family celebration and I treasure every moment of it. This is my first time knowing about TOODay and since there is a new young couple at church, who are jobless right now, I believe I will tie one on for them. Thank you for the lovely idea.

  18. God has been so precious to my family this past year. I have so much to be thankful for. I will absolutely participate and share a loaf of freshly baked bread with a neighbor.

  19. I love making aprons! This year, one is going to go to a close friend who recently underwent surgery for an aggressive form of breast cancer and currently is going through chemo. I am helping her 12-year-old daughter learn how to sew and she is going to help make the apron for her mom. She might even make a matching one for herself!

  20. I just heard about this wonderful program and will be doing it this year myself. My neighbor recently lost her father and has taken it really hard as their relationship was not the best. I lost my father, father-in-law and stepfather all within 18 months and my heart goes out to her. I will be baking something special for her and her family and proudly wearing one of my gramma’s aprons to deliver the treat, and the message. Thanks for starting this!
    Best to all who participate!

  21. I plan to make an apron for a lady in my church who has started a group called Feed the Family. She has been giving classes in canning and ways to save on your food budget. She operates a garden cart where we can take or leave free excess produce, we are hoping to start a church community garden next spring. With the apron I will include something that I have canned all by myself!

  22. I have participated in this event since it began and it just keeps getting better. It is a blessing that comes over and over. It is a beautiful way to connect with neighbors who are quiet and rarely seen and with those that I see often. Taking a loaf of bread–pumpkin cream cheese bread this year–to someone who needs a smile and a hug is also a shared blessing that just goes on and on. Thank you, EllynAnne, for sharing your idea with me so long ago in Dillards.

  23. I plan to give my neighbor a bowl of homemade candy wrapped in an apron. (She doesn’t cook much, but it will look beautiful hanging on display in her kitchen).

  24. What a wonderful idea! I have a friend who is suffering with great pain and has not been able to attend church for several weeks. I miss her dearly! She will be the one I share with. Thank you so much!!

  25. I have chosen four women that have been influential in my life. A couple of them have recently lost family members. I will be trying out a couple of new apron patterns that look like lots of fun. I am using a deceased husbands ties to make an apron for his wife.

  26. I have just learned about this great idea of TOOD. I am so excited to participate. My husband has advanced Demenia and I take him to Adult Day Care where there are several assistants that help with his care. I plan to bake cakes and wrap one of the aprons that I have made, with a note of appreciation in the pocket to each of the ladies. : )

  27. TOOD is more than one dat a year in our household. Anytime I can something special is given to a friend, a neighbor or a stranger. A smile and a hug are the best gifts in the world! I need to get busy and make an apron for the end of November. Love to you all.

  28. Perfect timing! Just yesterday at a little antique store is saw the sweetest embroidered pot holder. It look a little thin for something hot but I think I will go back now and get it to be the pocket of my TOODay apron. We will be brainstorming with the family about who to share with this year. I love to do the unexpected!

  29. My neighbor Linda, gives from the heart with unique home made gifts at the holidays. The first year that we were new to this neighborhood she delivered an unexpected gift… a wooden reindeer shaped basket mounted on a base and surrounded by a dozen assorted beanie babies artfully arranged. The beanie babies were secured with super glue so they were stationary, and the reindeer was filled with candies. Although “crafty” isn’t my decor style, our grandkids loved this, especially deciding which beanie babies were their favorites. Each year brings a surprise from Linda …always something home made, and she is a fantastic baker!

    I plan to personalize an apron for Linda with a vintage Thanksgiving embroidery design, and accompany it with embroidered floursack dishtowels to match. The day before Thanksgiving is the perfect day to “Tie one on” and I hope she is truly surprised!

  30. We love gifting a fresh loaves of my husbands coriander bread to family and friends in our teeny tiny little town. After retiring, my husband just couldn’t hang up his apron — so — he bakes 10-15 loaves of his secret recipe ( even I don’t have access to it!! ) coriander bread, then off we go all over town delivering round loaves of yummy-ness and a jar of either pumpkin, pear or apple butter. The next morning calls come in thanking hubby for the yummy toast everyone is enjoying.

  31. And … my Dear Hubby wanted me to add: he has been retired for 15 yrs – but started this tradition when our boys were very young, he just has never stopped baking and giving. Yes, he is an incredible man! I am so very blessed!!

  32. I love, love, love Tie One on Day. I’m going to take one of my Gathering aprons and some sort of sweets to a friend who recently lost her landscaping job. She gardens at her home and I hope to cheer her up with a visit!

  33. Now that my daughter has become a baker, I want to participate in TOOD. She bakes a lot! and we already distribute the goodies to co-workers and neighbors, not to mention the freezer is packed. But to deliver baked goods to someone who needs to feel better, in other words just strictly out of compassion, is a wonderful concept that we both will enjoy! I already know who we’ll bake for, and it will definitely be made with love!

  34. am hunting goodwill tomorrow for an apron or tablecloth to turn into an apron for TOOD (I love recycling this way – making vintage new!). I’ve enjoyed doing this for 3 years with my daughter and this year she can bake and i’ll assist her!

  35. I just love sewing aprons, and I just love baking bread. This is a win, win, win (giving) for me! I even have some people I know picked out to give an apron and a loaf of bread to. Some are in need as well as some who give so much to others. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in TOOD, as well as model giving for my children.

  36. I will be baking a loaf of bread to take to my elderly next door neighbor. She lives alone, although she has family nearby who help her with whatever she needs. She used to bake treats for us – now it’s my turn to take something special to her.

  37. I was once told that Thanksgiving was for giving thanks and gifts while Christmas was for religious renewal. It should be during Thanksgiving that gifts should be given as tokens of all the ‘thank-you’s’ you should say to those who helped you throughout the year. Giving to those in need is also a ‘thank you’ for being blessed with a kind heart and the ability to extend one’s hand in aide. I’ve tried using that lesson, giving to charities at Thanksgiving. This year I plan on donating fresh vegetables and fruits to The Mission of Citrus County. Of course I’ll have to include an apron too!

  38. We are helping in small ways with our church’s food pantry. And I’m baking a few pies to share with family and friends when we come together — wearing a vintage apron.

  39. Just last night I brought a hand made apron to my Bible Study leader. She’s the wife of the couple who lead our Bible study in their home every Monday night, and she always provides food for everyone. (We all bring snacks too.) I have never seen her wear an apron, but she has decorated her house for Fall, and I knew she’d like the Thanksgiving apron I’d made. And she did! She said she could use one for every day, so I will make snacks and bring her another apron on TOOD. And maybe before then too.

  40. This year I will be giving a dear friend an apron that I made for her late mother-in-law several years ago. Her mother-in-law always helped us serve the noon meal at our annual bull sale. I had made aprons for the helpers with their names embroidered along with our ranch name and brand.

  41. I love the TOOD idea! I have made aprons for friends for years, and have enjoyed your books so much…they inspire me. The thought of sending someone a little encouragement in such a creative way sounds good to me, and I purchased my apron fabric over the weekend. I have a friend who has had a very tough year, and has managed to maintain a thankful spirit in the face of adversity. I will acknowledge that with an apron and loaf of something delicious on the 27th, thanks to you!

  42. This will be the second year I’ve participated in todo. this year I am giving pumpkin bread and making an apron for a young mother who has so generously shared her life and time with my teenage daughter. I love this fun opportunity to share with others!

  43. My next door neighbors are in their ’80s and have slowed down quite a bit. I’ll bake up a loaf of whole wheat bread and possibly a persimmon bread if I can get some fresh ones in time.

  44. I’m new to Tie One On Day, but this is such a wonderful idea! I think I might deliver a dish to my neighbor who’s husband has just left for a 6-month job-related trip. She’s at home alone with her small daughter and I think she’s been feeling pretty lonely.

  45. My Grandmother’s greatest passion was being of service to others. she was one of the founding members of our town’s Catholic Worker. My intent is to make new aprons and homemade bread for the men and women of the Catholic Worker whom feed the homeless every day. I’m certain there aprons could use every other day off.

  46. Lately I have been feeling the need for a connection to our Veterans…I don’t yet know how I can help but as they say “where there’s a will there’s a way”. I do like to bake and sew and it would be great if someone would like to be a recipient of my homemade. 🙂

  47. Each time I present my apron program I promote Tie One on Day. I have given this program many times at various places here in Iowa. I have a growing collection of about 250 aprons. My granddaughter and I have participated in Tie One on Day–what a warm, rewarding experience for all involved! We are looking forward to continuing the tradition that has been established for us.

  48. I create & sell aprons for a living and TOOD is my favorite day of the year. This year, I plan on wearing one for my shift at the food bank, then leaving it behind with someone who touches my heart. Whether it’s a guest, or volunteer- someone who will carry the apron forward.

  49. I love sewing aprons! I like to sew them for my girlfriends and wear them while baking. It always reminds me of my Grandmothers, always in their aprons.
    I love the Tie One On idea!

  50. I will happily be in the kitchen on the 27th wearing my apron. Today I went to the doctors and they wanted to schedule a revisit on the 27th, I said “oh no, can’t come then—-it’s Tie One on Day.” I’m not sure she realized it was an apron that was tying on.

  51. Yesterday I met up with two other friends who donned my witch hats, and we went off with a Pumpkin Bundt Cake, an armload of mint, and a few spells to a friends house to surprise them. I call it a Drive-By Love In. They were surprised and delighted. Next time I will include an apron in the attire as I was having a lot of trouble with the powered sugar getting all over my black dress.

  52. There is a woman in my small rural town who lives in one of our low-income apartment buildings. I am guessing in addition to a limited income she struggles with some mental health issues as well. She walks the streets of our town at all hours of the day and night wearing boots and a pair of sweatpants and a lightweight jacket. She carries an over-sized bag and I’ve been told she goes among the downtown businesses looking for “things”. In addition to a casserole wrapped in an apron (I’ve done this before!), I have a winter jacket with matching hat and mittens I will leave for her as well.

  53. I will be making an apron for my son who recently moved out on his own. He is on a very limited income. I will be taking him homemade bread. I will also be taking him some dishtowels I have embroidered. He loves to cook, and setting up your first kitchen takes time.

  54. I remember my Grandma, sun up to sun down always in an apron cooking or most of all in the kitchen but most was the wood cook stove so you can guess my age but always can see my grandmother cooking goodies for all each day. thanks for the memories all the Grandma in the world

  55. I have a friend who moved north, they have a single income & 4 kids, 3 with medical issues. She homeschools all her kids too. There is one treat that she requests/misses & I want to surprise her by sending her a care package of magic cookie bars with an apron and an apron for her daughter.

  56. My sister is having surgery this week so I am planning to take her some treats when I go to stay with her after she comes home from the hospital. We both have several of our mother’s aprons to bring us special memories.

  57. I have a friend that has been having a difficult year. She does not bake or cook much. I expect her to be thrilled when I bring her loaf of homemade bread and jam on TOOD.
    I wore one of my favorite aprons a few weeks ago for my “I’m not 40” party and it started a whole discussion on aprons.

  58. My three grandchildren enjoy wearing an apron when helping in my kitchen. These are aprons that have been passed down from my aunts and grandmothers, even one I made 40+ years ago from a flour sack. ( The colors are still bright) We will be “Tieing One On” and making something to surprise someone with.

  59. I’ve started a new habit of making aprons and giving them as gifts. I do this without a pattern and now every small piece of fabric I see has potential. Every year we have several people over for dinner besides our big happy family. I’m making aprons and I plan to take one to my sweet neighbor Marie with something yummy to share. Thanks for the inspiration!

  60. I have made my granddaughters aprons and hopefully I can get them to wear them on Thanksgiving at my house! They love to help Nana in the kitchen.

  61. I have been remiss at writing on my website but feel a nice article on my aprons I’ve just made would be a great way to start it off again! I have made matching aprons for bridal showers which go over well. this year i’ll be making children’s aprons with matching doll aprons. growing up, we always had an apron hanging on a hook for us to put on whenever we were in the kitchen. its a sweet memory that makes me smile. nancyb

  62. I Tie one on and fix goodies for the old friends of my husbands. They love to have Yummy’s delivered to them… My granddaughter all have aprons that they tie on also. they know that a new one will be wrapped and under the tree each year….

  63. I tied one on last week for an elderly couple who have been dear friends for many many years. They love my banana bread so I take over a loaf almost every time I bake up a batch. They are so appreciative and it takes so little effort.

  64. I think TOOD is a wonderful idea and will join in the fun by baking a cake to take to a friend at church who has been ill. She loves to cook so I will try to make an apron to go with the gift! She can use it when she feels better!

  65. A little over a year ago we lost our home to Hurricane Sandy. That year, Thanksgiving dinner was at a storm damaged restaurant that hosted a free dinner for survivors. My husband wore one of the few things that survived – an apron embroidered with a Count Your Blessings design. One year later we have given up the fight to rebuild our home and will sell the land for a fraction of it’s value. Nonetheless, we are grateful that the community where we relocated is a wonderful one. On Tie One On Day I will give aprons to the new friends we’ve made here, and will also donate aprons to the local food pantry that helped us out when we arrived with nothing but the clothes on our backs.

  66. Every year we have a cousins baking weekend. Auntie Thekla always wears her apron and now some of the younger generation is getting into the act. With so many aprons out there it’s impossible not to find one you absolutely have to have!!

  67. I have a niece who is a single mom and works very hard but finds the time to take my sister, her other aunt, for her PT and whatever shopping she needs to do. She barely can make ends meet and I thought this might lift her up for a day.

  68. Kindness is a good thing and for TOODay, I am hoping to get my sewing machine out and make an apron with some cool fabric I pick up and then “file” and forget about. It will be given to someone who needs it for many reasons other than just protecting from the food splatters.

  69. I love your blog and can’t wait to see my friends when I give them a TOOD gift. Most likely I will use the old fashioned dish towel to wrap things in. Most of my friends are neater than I am and don’t use aprons. I on the other hand, use one a day. Thank you.

  70. I commented before, but I realized I didn’t answer the question 😉 I have a neighbor whose only child is grown and gone and I think she would enjoy homemade bread (my specialty) but I’m not sure she would get use out of an apron because she spends her days among livestock…maybe I could make something realllly sturdy. Goats like to chew on loose clothing 😉

  71. I love this idea and have passed it along through a newsletter I do. Hopefully even more wonderful ladies will “tie one on” having read the story of this unique and lovely idea.

  72. I haven”t decided who the recipient will be, there are so many deserving women I know who I would love to encourage. I have my apron made, and my home canned jam to go with it. Now I either have to narrow down and decide on one, or get busy making more aprons!

  73. I plan on baking pumpkin pie (baking up the pumpkin, whipping up some cream, you know…the old fashioned way), setting it on the buffet, and pouring a glass of wine. I’ll sit at the table, decked out in my newest Emmaline Apron, and I shall wait for company to arrive. Not sure they’ll make it, driving 12 hours for pie isn’t on the top of most people’s to do list. Oh well, at least we could Skype! 🙂

  74. I used to make aprons for me and my friends to keep us clean at horse shows. I’ve got a favorite apron pattern…a little vintage, but plenty of utilitarian. Lo and behold I have one extra finished apron and TWO cut out. That’s just me. My mother owns a quilt shop that carries MANY apron patterns and I’m going to talk her into a Tie One On campaign with a discount on fabric and patterns when customers are buying for the Tie One On project. Has to happen fast…no worries! I’m the marketing director and do it all for the stores when it comes to graphics and marketing emails.

    I know my neighbors may not be considered needy, but they are foreign and of a different religion than most. I am going to use the aprons and goodies as a sign of friendship and acceptance.

  75. My Sister and I are dividing up many vintage linens including aprons since my Mothers passing this year. I plan to pass on some of these to my daughters and daughter in law to use in their homes. Perfect timing

  76. I’m so excited I found this site! I am new to sewing-all brought on when I saw an apron hanging in a quilt store window. I have yet to start the apron as I’m doing small projects to learn HOW to sew, but now, I know that I am going to make one for my sweet Grandma and send it to her since I won’t be with her this holiday. It isn’t fancy, but she always tells everyone I make the best chocolate chip cookies…so we will see if I can send her some in her apron. Thank you for a wonderful idea!

  77. Looking forward to trying the apron and food gift this year – a new project for me! I make quilts for the Preemies for our hospital and the VA hospital.

  78. What a great way to share with others. We moved to a new neighborhood, a good way to meet new neighbors and give thanks for what we have. I will be busy making many aprons. I am asking the local school if there is a family that needs a little kindness.

  79. The New England Girl, is not supposed to shrink her only apron in the dryer. But somehow I did. I am always the person spilling on my pants, or shirt and despite how hard I try to be ladylike it if there is sauce present, its usually present on me versus my plate or in the pan. For national tie one on day I would love to celebrate by clinking vino glasses and toasting over a grand feast. When I think of a grand feast, I think of my favorite home made dishes and closest circle of friends and family gathered around the table in celebration– celebration of life! I don’t usually fuss over the holidays, or holiday meals but spur of the moment dinners always get me excited and they are the perfect occasion to “tie one on!”

  80. I plan to finish an apron that got “lost” when we moved and I just came across again recently. I plan to give it to someone who has been going through a hard time recently, who needs a little “boost” in spirits. 🙂

    I can’t wait until Thanksgiving! I always pull out one of my grandma’s aprons for the day!

  81. I Love to give away aprons on my Facebook blog EllieSewSweet. I have become friends with so many great people, especially Authors! I have even started trading signed books for aprons, and am in the process of making two right now for Author Claire Contrares! 🙂

  82. I started gathering aprons a few years ago when I would see them in thrift stores or antique stores. I have a lovely basket full. My favorite aprons are my mothers, who is no longer with me, and two small aprons that my aunt, Iva, made for me when I was a child. I love them because of the memories they created. I’ve given aprons to my daughter and daughter-in-laws and hope they will have some wonderful memories to carry with them on special days like Thanksgiving. Thank you for Apron Memories!

  83. What a great idea, TOOD. I wear an apron every day and have quite a large collection. Last year I made 13 new aprons and gave them to all the ladies in our family on Thanksgiving Day. Now I will have to think of something apron related for this year. You can never have too many aprons.

  84. TOOD – what a clever way to recognize someone you are thankful to have in your life!! I am taking a sewing class – after an absence of 30+ years of sewing — and have found making aprons to be the most rewarding project thus far! I am making two – one for my dearest friend and the other for a new friend who has proven herself to be an “angel” over and over. One lives too far to take a baked goodie to so I will have to think of something else to “tie in” with the apron. The friend who lives nearby loves unique teas so I think some pumpkin bread, a special blend of autumn tea, and an apron will let her know how much her friendship has meant to me. Every time I “tie an apron on” myself – I hope to reflect on those I have been and am thankful for!!

  85. With the rush of life, I constantly check on at couple in their late 80s, bringing them meals. They are a delightful couple who have weathered 67 years of marriage. By making her an apron and filling it with baked goods, it will make their day! Thank you for a wonderful idea!

    I love my aprons. It is one thing that I do to keep memories of days gone by. Soon it will be time to bring out the holiday aprons for all to enjoy (and put everyday ones away for awhile).

  86. I plan to tie my plain white apron on Thanksgiving Day. I will be hosting a mixed group of first timers at my Thanksgiving Table, one couple is older and are new friends, EJ, his wife was in tears today when I asked her to please come and bring dishes for leftovers! She was just given the news her Lung cancer had spread to her Lymph Nodes, she is a new blessing to me and I just hope to make this her best Thanksgiving ever. Her precious husband, Frank cares for her, along with them, we will have my 1st friend from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, here with her fiance’. We are blessed with new & old friends…

  87. I always remember my Mammaw and her aprons. She cooked 3 times a day for a large family.I have several old aprons I use as a way to dress up my kitchen,they are hanging on a simple rope clothes line. I will use an apron on this TOOD that a sweet friend made for me. I will think of her and all the special women of my life as I bake the cornbread for dressing for our Thanksgiving dinner.

  88. I will be donating to Project Night Night again which gives gifts to children in homeless shelters. It’s time to do my Angel Tree shopping and my front office diva is coming back to work after delivering an adorable baby boy and I’m making either some Amaretto or Kahlua cupcakes.

  89. With one of my Sandy’s Sweet Nothings aprons using donated fabric from Indygo Junction and other donated aprons I will be donating the aprons to our local Winona Area Volunteer Service Food Shelf where they put an apron into someone’s food box to wear on Thanksgiving Day! This is something that I have been doing for several years. Thank you!

  90. I LOVE the idea of TIE ONE ON DAY! Just finished stitching up a new apron for myself when I cook on Thanksgiving Day. The fabric is adorned with leaves and acorns and the verse on it reads “There is always something for which to be Thankful.”
    As things stand right now, a new granddaughter is due to arrive during Thanksgiving week, which could disrupt some of my planning and the guest list with hospital visits and such. Should that happen, we’ll all be wingin’ it (LOL – get it?) and I’m sure I’ll be packing turkey-to-go in my “Thankful apron” for the new parents.

    Wishing all of you a very blessed and Happy Thanksgiving!

  91. Aprons to mean are a thing of the past and very much a part of my life today! As to the past I remember my great great Grandmother Hatten wearing them and my great great Aunt as Ivy (there is a funny story about her name! all my life I thought it was Ivy because of the way all of our family and our Southern “drawl” pronounce her name! It wasn’t until three years ago when my Father passed that I visited her grave (I have been grossly sheltered from death all my life, also a “Southern thing” and wasn’t allowed to go to her funeral) and discovered her true name was Iva! Imagine my surprise!) also. I think my great great Grandmother Glover wore them also but by the time I got to her house the time in the kitchen was done and it was time to eat and the apron was off by then. I can always remember going to my Aunt “Ivy’s” house as she will forever remain to me! and her having an apron tied around her waist! I thought to myself, “One day I will cook like her and get to wear one of those!” While I really don’t bother wearing one most of the time, I suppose simply because I haven’t taken the time to make myself any, I am a far better cook than she ever was but treasure all the time I spent with her! She was the best cook of sweets you ever wanted to eat but not much else turned out that great! Thank goodness I didn’t take after her in that respect and I can cook just about whatever I want, which comes from a deep love of cooking to make people happy!
    In my professional life however, I wear an apron quite often as an artist to protect my clothes from various mediums I work with daily. Today I will be working with glue and glitter in preparation for teaching a wonderful Christmas vintage holiday class to our Library patrons! Aprons are timeless and the one that I have passed on from my Grandmother Hatten is quite unusual because it doubles as a bonnet when folded in just the right way. I have never seen another one just like it!
    Thanks for listening to my story and yours were wonderful! God Bless

  92. Aprons bring back so many memories of my Granny and my mother and my husband’s mother. They put their apron on when they started their day first thing in the morning.
    They always had so many things in their apron pocket, a hanky to wipe a child’s tears away. Saftey pins. My Granny always had a can of snuff.
    I love aprons even though I seldom wear one anymore..
    I think I will give one to my g-daughters for a christmas gift.

  93. just found you from the article about aprons in the morning paper…I am thrilled. I made myself an apron this Fall and love it. It hangs on the inside of my pantry door. Every time I open the door, it makes me smile. I have used it but it is too pretty to use all the time. I have an old white restaurant apron I wear for serious kitchen time which will be next week. Will put “Pretty” on to get the food on the table!! Dressed for the occasion!

  94. Our local paper featured a story about you and the aprons – perfect timing, as this is my “hobby”/business. People enjoy seeing the aprons we create and it sounds like they are really making a comeback. Our family will be baking lefse next Wednesday, so we will have our aprons on, and will take part in the TOOD, buy wrapping up a package of lefse in an apron that I refer to as “Uff Da”, and giving it to someone.

  95. What a sweet idea…I have aprons from my deceased Mother-in-Law that I will give to her grand-daughters. I will dig them out to see if I can personalize them.

  96. This is inspiration to finish an apron I started. I have my mother’s and grandmother’s aprons. I made a couple for my dad when he was of an age he spillled a lot of food on himself. His friends liked it so much I made some of them one.

  97. Forgot to say that I made two aprons for a neighbor in his 80’s, Charlie, using blue denim for the body and the blue and green John Deree plaid for the straps. He really loves them. One is for his wood-working hobby shop, of course. He loves to cook up a storm. There is a photo of him wearing same on my Oceanpeg Flicker photostream and another one on my Peggy Winifred Blogspot, http://www.oceanpeg.blogspot.com

  98. One of the nite only shelters said that the people would appreciate tote bags – so I’d like to make a bunch of them to deliver with home made cookies.

  99. Last year my church sent some of us to a christian retreat. The wonderful ladies from other churches donated their time to keep us well fed. I would love to make each of them an apron.

  100. I’m going to bake an extra pie, wrap it in an embellished dishtowel, tuck a note in saying “thinking of you” and deliver it to our elderly neighbor who has no family and lives alone with her little dog. I hope she likes it!

  101. What a fun event. I love aprons and have several of my grandmothers. A sweet neighbor of mine will be the recipient. She is 93 and has just one surviving son. Unfortunately she does not get out much and he only visits her every couple weeks. I realize an apron may be a litte difficult but I could make an apron for her walker and I know she loves sweets so maybe some mini loaves so she can keep a couple in the freezer.

  102. I am so excited about doing this and giving the Thanksgiving back to the holiday! I have several friends and relatives that have had a challenging year and think this is going to be a nice surprise for them. I do not verbally tell them how much I appreciate them and understand so this will give me a way to tell them….my way and hopefully it will pass on from year to year…..love it!

  103. It’s been fun to participate in this from the beginning. I look forward to doing it and I love the blessings that come to me because of it. Thanks again, EllynAnne. My sewing machine is currently not working, but, I have other aprons. I am delighted to be a part of making Thanksgiving special to someone else.

  104. Last year I wrapped a loaf of banana bread and gave it to my sister-in-law who was recovering from cancer treatments and had just lost her home to a fire. She was tickled pink. I have already made aprons for this year’s giveaway. Will start baking on Monday.

  105. I loved meeting you today EllynAnne and I love this idea. It is often tie one on day at my house :). This week on top of baking for T DAY I am cooking/baking for a neighbor who just lost her husband and still has kids at home. And I also get to cook/bake for a dear friend who just had her first baby a few days ago.
    The best part of this tie one on week at my house is that I will be cooking the first Thanksgiving meal that my 22 month old son will get to partake in. I am so blessed.

  106. I will be participating x 7! I am making a cute apron with one of my favorite recipes embroidered on it, adding fun thanksgiving print ruffles and giving them with some goodies to all of my adult nieces. I figured that I would do an extra for a new neighbor across the street that I have not had the opportunity to meet yet. I love this idea.

  107. If I am graced with winning I will give my apron to my grand daughter who loves to bake. I have made many aprons in the past and sold them in my craft fairs. Love this chance to win and thank you for the opportunity/

  108. This will be my second apron I make and give away!
    I made my grandma one last week for her birthday!
    And that was my very first ever apron I made!! She was very impressed!!!!
    I love to make something special and give it away!!
    So this will be my very first year in Tie One On Day!!

  109. This is this first I have heard of this day and I am excited to participate in it. I have been caught up in sadness this year for what I don’t have and I am motivated to focus on gratitude and giving for the coming year. This will also be the first apron I have ever sewn and I think it is going to be sew (so) much fun! I may make a few and have my daughter help. WIN WIN 🙂

  110. I love the idea of giving gifts wrapped in aprons and immediately searched my stash for appropriate fabrics to make then from. I found two Christmas pieces that yielded 5 aprons, some home deco fabrics someone had given me that I couldn’t use in quilts, that made 6, then I purchased an apple print for the 2 women I substitute for in the school kitchen. I ended up with 13 aprons, used the scraps for potholders and coaters, included placemats I make from the multitude of Christmas cards I receive, baked some pumpkin scones and made some homemade grape jelly. It was so much fun.
    I loved your book, it inspired me to make and wear aprons myself. I feel much more efficient in the kitchen wearing an apron, it’s like putting on a different attitude(a good one, that is!)

  111. Last week during current events, my class of 4th graders read an article about, you, EllynAnne, in our local newspaper in which you talked about the history of aprons. Afterwards, we looked at your website and learned more about the Tie-one-On Day. With such short notice, we aren’t able to make aprons, so instead, over the weekend, we’ve dug in our grandma’s, mom’s, and neighbors kitchens and found aprons to wear to school on Tuesday so we can spread your message to our school community. In the process we will collect canned and boxed items to share with our local food pantries.

  112. Making a Banana Bread for my Parents neighbor. An elderly woman who has no family here and will be alone on Thanksgiving. I have invited her to our home for Dinner but she is old school and feels like she would be intruding. What a great idea, keep up the amazing work. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone share something, clothing, food, maybe a toy to give. Keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive. Thank full for what you have.

  113. TOOD is the day before my 59th birthday this year! I make aprons because my grandmother, Olive Elizabeth wore aprons all the time. Whenever I came to visit, she always had a new pinafore for me to wear-with rickrack, of course. SO in her memory, I make aprons for my Etsy shop and wear them with pride. I have a collection of her old, somewhat tattered aprons, and we all don one on Christmas Cookie Day-and bake cookies. Several my daughter’s boyfriends have even joined in. Aprons are my link to my beloved grandmother.

  114. what a wonderful idea, your lovingly baked goodies wrapped up in an apron! The apron you gave (hopefully handmade) will remind the recipient of you throughout the year and bring a smile to their face

  115. Made 4 Santa aprons for our school’s annual Breakfast With Santa (the teachers flip the pancakes!), making a new one for my daughter for Christmas and have my favorite one on now as I prepare rolls, pies and fudge for giving away! Feeling very blessed and thankful that the family will all be together tomorrow and over the weekend!

  116. I have benver heard of this before but what a wonderful idea! I am giving my Aunt a gift she needs. Kitchen towels and potholders. She has been a great inspiration in my life! Thank you for the giveaway!

  117. Ten years ago I found lovely Mary Engelbreit fabric and made three reversible aprons for myself and two of my best friends. Well, after 10 years they’ve gotten a lot of wear and tear. I was thrilled two weeks ago when I found that exact same fabric in a store,so I bought three more yards to make three new aprons for the three of us! I look forward to giving these soon!

  118. Oh my, this is the first time I have heard of this tie one on day! It has brought back such wonderful memories and some tears to my eyes! I will jump right on this band wagon and pass this idea forward to everyone I know and some I don’t know!

  119. God Winked and I am here…I placed my apron on today and while at a local cancer hospital, brought in trays upon trays of baked goods for all those who were in the waiting rooms….What usually is a sad place was replaced with many smiles and hugs….God Winked for many of us today…

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