21 Days of NTOOD Giveaways Winner #6

National Tie One On Day’s November 6th winner is

#55 / Mary Lea



Mary Lea’s goodies are a My Memories Suite software package + a gift certificate to my.memories.com and from Lots of Buttons, the world’s largest on-line button store, a $25 gift certificate.


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How Mary Lea is putting the “give” back into Thanksgiving

I will be making my wonderful neighbour a new apron to wear while she cooks up a Thanksgiving dinner for a huge family…then I will bake up a batch of pumpkin loaves and wrap a hot one in the apron…add some apple cider and take it over!

National Tie One On Day is a win/win for those who participate and those who receive, and the more who are involved, the more who experience a gesture of kindness. SO, please spread the love and the mission of National Tie One On Day!

TO ENTER the month of sponsor giveaways and inspire others with how you will be celebrating National Tie One On Day, click HERE !

xxea and NTOOD sponsors


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