National Tie One On Day 2012


Fall is here and with the change of season is a gentle nudging of your attention toward National Tie One On Day, an annual opportunity to put the “give” back into Thanksgiving through a gesture of kindness.

To learn all about National Tie One On Day and how to become involved (hint: No need to purchase anything special!) click HERE

National Tie One On Day is a win-win for both receiver and participant. And to encourage your involvement, the sponsors of NTOOD are each providing a fabulous goodie giveaway throughout the month of November. Daily giveaways begin November 1. 

To ENTER the NTOOD 2012 Goodie Giveaways, leave a comment at the end of this posting (along with a contact email, so I can reach you should you win). Sharing how you plan to participate in NTOOD is welcome and an inspiration to others.


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NTOODay 2012 Goodie Giveaway closes to entries at 10 pm mountain time the evening of November 21st. Giveaways will only be shipped to an address within the United States.


Bernina USA is sponsoring the final giveaway on November 21st, awarding one very lucky winner the Bernette 46!

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“Women clad in aprons have traditionally prepared the Thanksgiving meal, and it is within our historical linkage to share our bounty.”

Thank you for embracing National Tie One On Day and planning to participate, for in doing so, someone else’s day will be so much brighter.

xxea and sponsors of National Tie One On Day 2012


  1. What a wonderful way to make someone else’s day brighter (and in turn your own!). I plan on baking a loaf of bread and wrapping it up in a lovely apron and bringing it to a dear friend who has been there for my family as we went through the loss of a family member recently. Thank you so much for reminding me of this wonderful tradition.

  2. I am enlisting help from my chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution and our chapter of the Children of the American Revolution. For our October meeting, I have asked each member to bring a non-perishable item tied up in an apron or tea towel to the meeting. We will be writing encouraging notes at the meeting and attaching them to each item. I will be taking them to the local food bank to be given to families in need when they come to pick up their baskets for Thanksgiving. I have offered to pick up items from any members who want to participate, but can’t come to the meeting. I think this will make Thanksgiving special for those receiving help from the food bank and will help the food bank fill their need for food items.
    Beth Pomponio,

  3. I am always looking for a way to give and this is perfect! I love making aprons and combining the love of aprons and the importance giving is perfect for me. The way I plan to promote it is by printing the postcards telling spreading the word in my antique store by wrapping a loaf of bread in an apron and placing a card in the apron to encourage others to give also. I also have an apron show in October and will be promoting the event there with different way to give on National Tie One On Day. I just know it will be a BIG hit! Thank you for your encouragement!

  4. I have been very busy making aprons for my daughter, my soon to be daughter-in-law, her sister that babysits our dog when we need it, and myself. I told them all I still have my grandmother’s aprons, which are a treasure. When I look at one of my grandmother’s aprons I can so clearly see her dear face.

  5. Sewing “vintage” aprons for Christmas gifts is on my agenda. I hope to inspire them to enjoy theirs as I have mine…and treasure the memories that they will be part of.


    Tears came to me as I remembered a dear friend who’s husband died last week of the same cancer that took my own husband. Since she is in Texas and I am in Missouri a pie won’t work, but an apron….what an inspired idea. I am sewing in the next 5 minutes. Thanks

  7. What a wonderful idea! I dearly remember my grandmother’s collection of well-worn aprons, which always meant she’d been baking something fabulous! I have a few friends and neighbors with heavy hearts right now, and this would be such a lovely expressions of my concern for them. I am inspired…

  8. My downstairs neighbor has been having a hard go of it as of recently. Her husband just left her, and now she is the sole supporter of her 9-year old twins. I will participate in the National Tie One On Day, by making her an apron and a treat, I haven’t yet decided what.

  9. I plan to purchase a Teri “Breast Cancer” apron from and wrap a couple of loaves of banana bread made from my mother’s recipe and gift it to my friend who is currently undergoing treatments for breast cancer. This apron has a very special meaning to me as it is named in my honor by Cynthia Wadell from Heavenly Hostess. I am an eight year cancer survivor and am also currently undergoing treatments for metastatic breast cancer.

  10. I remember my grandmother wearing an apron almost all the time. She would take it off when “company” came. I have been making pillowcases for a homeless shelter. I think these are more practical for them, than aprons would be.

  11. I plan to make a gift package or three for gifting people who will be attending a community dinner at a local church the last Friday of November. This church has been providing free hot dinners once a month to anyone who comes to the table and a few who send someone inside to ask for a sandwich for them. To those of us who prepare and serve the dinners it is like Thanksgiving once a month. So, my aprons will probably turn into tote bags somehow and I will do some sort of a bread loaf that doesn’t need refrigeration. I think I will design a loaves and fishes logo to go somewhere on the apron/tote Sharing is something we in our area have done since the first peoples arrived.

  12. Memories of Grandma fixing dinner in and on a big wood cookstove come to mind as I get in the mood for harvest dinners and Thanksgiving. A few years later she had an electric range that enabled her to enjoy the visiting and cooking more. She always had an apron on, usually a white “penny” one — years later I would be told they were “pinny” aprons because they were usually pinned in place. Grandma’s was a “penny” because she always had a few in the pocket to pay for an errand she had me do.

    So, my apron turned tote bag will have a penny pocket along with a nice loaf of bread.

  13. Such a sweet and memorable idea! I enjoy knitting washclothes and hand embroidering tea towels- I can’t wait to share them with some fresh pumpkin bread. Thank you for inspiring others. Happy Thanksgiving to you–it can be so much more than just one day! thesixstumps at msn dot com.

  14. I found your blog on a vintage rv site. I love anything vintage, aprons, dishclothes, pillowcases etc. I remember my mother-in-law wearing her hand made aprons when ever she canned, and cooked dinner for us on Sunday, after church. I miss her so much. This Thanksgiving I plan on sharing with my 3 sisters and nieces aprons that I’ve made!

  15. This is my most favorite time of the year. With dreams of wearing working and fancy aprons to prepare the holiday feasts. My mother always wore an apron, my husband wears an apron and our children wear a variety of vintage aprons to cook and serve.

    This Thanksgiving we are going to visit friends in the mountains on Thanksgiving but will come home the next morning to cook another feast.

    There is nothing like the memories I hold in my heart of my mother and sisters always in aprons while at home.

  16. We are downsizing and moving to a new home this month and I have already “heard” there are some widow ladies who have recently moved there also. I will be looking for ways to make their days more enjoyable once I know more about their lives and situations. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to brighten someone else’s life with warmth and caring. Judy C in NC

  17. There are many around me that will not enjoy the blessings I do during Thanksgiving. It is a blessing upon me to share what I have. Strawberry yogurt/cornbread muffins will be tied in my aprons to share.

  18. Since it is Pastor Appreciation Month, I am going to make my Pastor’s wife an apron. She is always there for me spiritually and is also a good cook/baker. I am going to embroider “The Chef” on it as she has other items in her kitchen with that theme!

  19. I tried to post a comment. but I think I did something wrong. So, this time I’ll just say thank you for you website and all the good info. I’m glad I found you! I am going to try to make aprons for my sisters and a couple of very dear friends.I’m not too young, but I’m going to give it my best effort!
    Oh, in case I do win, my email address is Thanks again.

  20. You are always an inspiraton to me and I LOVE what you have done with NTOOD!! In honor of the day, I hope to spend some time with my wonderful Mother sorting through and enjoying all of the recipes, kitchen utinsels, sewing projects and other items my late Grandmother made with love to be passed down through generations! Oh, and you know where to find me if I win 😉
    Leslie Baumgartner

  21. Thank you Ms. EllynAnne for keeping the memories alive. My favorite apron was made by my daughter Tracy who is the mother of 3 beautiful children. She is a natural born mama and loves making homemade bread and treats. I will definitely be passing this along to her. I never cook without wearing my homemade apron! Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday. What a beautiful way to share the many blessings God has given us! I enjoyed seeing you in Jackson, TN here recently and was so happy to walk “back in time” when I saw your apron display. I’ve to get busy now and make some aprons along with the treats! Thanks again. Debbie
    My e-mail address is:

  22. Hi EllenAnne,

    I am so excited to participate in my first National Tie One On Day. I am looking forward to preparing delicious baked goods, particularly sweets, for my father-in-law.

    About 2 years ago he was diagnosed with a degenerative neurotransmitter disease that has slowly taken away his ability to walk. It will not be much longer before he will be completely confined to a wheel chair.

    My father-in-law spent a lifetime driving an 18 wheeler across these United States. On the weekends he did every home improvement project imaginable to my husband’s childhood home. He even planed the wood himself to replace the siding on their house.

    Now the only joy left in his life is to sit on the front porch and watch the world go by as he eats Little Debbie snack cakes. Eating those Little Debbies is the best part of his day.

    I plan on making chocolate chip cookies, an apple pie, and a loaf of banana bread in the hopes that he will savor every bite. Of course, I will wrap them in a vintage apron which I know my mother-in-law will appreciate.

    My email is EllenAnne I hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. What a lovely giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

    I’m planning to make an apron for a lady in our church, for “Tie One On Day.” She’s the nicest lady and always so nice to everyone! I’m thinking to give either banana bread or gingerbread with the apron, haven’t decided!

    My email is locksley234(at)gmail(dot)com


  24. I’ll be making an apron for my daughter-in-law since she is host every year for our family Thanksgiving meal. My house is tiny and I so appreciate what she does for us.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

    Have a great week.


  25. My friends and I are all feeling the squeeze of unemployment, underemployment, no cost of living increases, etc. So I’m going stash-diving, and sewing up aprons and tote bags for my gal pals, filling the tote bags with essential pantry items, and leaving these care packages at their doors.

  26. My son works for an assisted living company, they provide a way for adults to be in a home invironment with assistance. They provide meals and care for them and my son is now involved in providing jobs for some of them in a hydroponics greenhouse,through pay by sponsers. So anyone interested let me know! Some who were helping and enjoying the work are unable now because there sponsers have stopped the help.
    So I am going to make pumpkin bread for all the houses and send them on the 21st!
    I just found out about this TOOD program today from Dianne!

  27. I’m doing it a little differnet this year. A lady in my church is pregnant and her husband is very ill. She almost last him two years ago after her other child was born. (I gave her an apron then), He had recovered but he has started having the same symptoms again. Several ladies in my church and I are goiing to make her a prayer quilt that she can snuggle in when she gets overwhelmed and remember that she is being prayed for.

  28. What a beautiful and lovely giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!

    I’m planning to make an apron for an older woman in my church, for “Tie One On Day.” This little lady is one of the nicest ladies you could ever meet and always so nice to everyone!

    I’m planning on baking something to go with the apron and maybe including the recipe. That way if she decides to make it she will have a nice new apron to wear while she’s baking.

    Thanks! Donna Payne

  29. I woke and found this link on facebook and it put such a big smile on my face today! I love putting on my apron and spending some time in my kitchen.

    It’s even more fun when my son comes in and grabs an apron to join me! Since mine are a little “girlie” and vintage, I’ll make him and my sweet grandbabies their own aprons this year!

    My kitchen is the heart of my home, like so many families, and I love the memories we make there. Whether it’s a big holiday gathering, or simply chatting with each other while we clean up the dishes.

    Thank you for inspiring us to add a little apron beauty into the moments!


  30. I will be making my wonderful neighbour a new apron to wear while she cooks up a Thanksgiving dinner for a huge family…then I will will bake up a batch of pumpkin loaves and wrap a hot one in the apron…add some apple cider and atake it over!

  31. Lord willing, we are planning to spend Thanksgiving week with my husband’s family. Since this is the first holiday we’ve been able to spend together it’s kind of exciting. My mother-in-law already has an apron, but I planning to take her an autumn themed table runner I’m making and am hoping to bake some cookies to take along as well. 🙂

    Aprons have been an important part of my life since I was a kid. At first they were just “toys”, but in my teens (in the ’80s), I started wearing them to really protect my clothes while doing kitchen work. I’ve used them more or less ever since. 🙂
    M. E. Stephens [dodaphly(at)gmail(dot)com]

  32. My Granny always wore aprons over her Sunday dress (actually – she wore them anytime she was cooking for a special occasion).

    This my first knowledge of NTOOD, but I am inspired to make a couple loaves of banana bread and make some aprons out of my quilt fabric stash.

    It’s something my Granny would do – she had a giving heart. I miss her more and more as the years go by.


  33. This is the first I have heard of this, but what a terrific way to spread kindness and to reach out to neighbors wherever they may be. I am sharing this with my church family so we can all reach out to those in need as Jesus did.

  34. I love that there are so many people who love aprons and are sharing them with others. My granny had a pie cabinet for her dishtowels and aprons. I remember picking out which ones to use. I don’t have any of them, except the memories. But I do have my own collection of dishtowels and aprons. I started sewing aprons again this year, and it is so nice to see the final apron. My sister recently gave one of the aprons to a friend who is learning French baking. She was so excited to receive this apron, to wear at her display of baked goods. One good deed deserves another. Enjoy wearing your aprons!

  35. Sorry it this turns out to be a double post…I tried to post before and I don’t think it went through as I don’t see it! I am planning to give some of the aprons I have that belonged to my grandma to the younger women in my family along with some of the recipes from my grandma and great grandma that are family classics! I think it is so important to pass those kinds of traditions down and hopefully wearing the aprons will remind them of family and home.

  36. I will be giving my apron and treat to a woman who has a such a big heart. She has 8 children, that she and her husband have all adopted. She also fosters. She is a big lover of aprons, and because she always puts people before her, she deserves this.

  37. What a sweet idea. Going to give and a pumpkin roll to my brother n law, Chuck. Unfortunately he is unable to work, due to his heart condition. He does most of the cooking for him and my sister. They are always baking goodies and food for the neighbors. This is my way to repay them for all they do in their community. Now he can wear the apron while he cooks.

  38. I will be wrapping an apron around a loaf of zuchine bread and sending it to my sister. She has been in poor health for the last several years and I hope that the bread and apron will bring back fond memories of our childhood holiday baking with our mom.

  39. What a wonderful way to share our love with others. I have so many wonderful memories of both my grandmothers wearing their aprons. The one that they wore while cooking was always replaced with the dressy one they wore under it when dinner was served. And my mother, who is about to have her 91st birthday, still wears an apron when she prepares meals. My daughter and I carry on the traditon by also wearing our aprons when cooking. Thinking that anyone busy in the kitchen should have at least one apron, we design and sew aprons from vintage linens,laces and doilies for our little business. I’ll be wrapping one of those aprons around a basket of baked goodies, a variety of teas and a pretty cup and saucer for a very special lady in our neighborhood who recently lost her husband to illness.
    Here’s to National Tie One On Day !!

  40. I made my entire famiy matching red and white candy striped aprons and we get together before Christmas and spend the day making cookies for giving and eating. My husband, son, son-in-law, two daughters, daughter-in-law and grandkids pose for pictures between mixing, baking and making a lot of messes. There’s really too many cooks in the kitchen but we get to spend time having fun and being productive.

  41. I’ve completed 6 of my proposed 12 aprons. Amish Friendship Bread starter is beginning, and the bread will be wrapped for each church food basket given out this year. Thank you for a wonderful giving idea. Love it!
    I’d love to win the Bernina machine to continue down this path to “Tie One On Day 2013”.
    Dorothy Buttrey
    AMN receiver

  42. One of the last things my mother bought for my sister and me was an apron. We had gone shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving. We will wear our aprons this Thanksgiving in honor and memory of Mom.

  43. I present programs about aprons throughout central Iowa. This gives me the opportunity to tell hundreds of women about Tie One on Day. I will be telling another group of women about this heartwarming activity on November 14—perfect timing. My granddaughter and I participate in Tie One on Day as well which gives us warm memories.

  44. Aprons have played a major part in my life. I can remember both grandmother’s always wearing them. I plan to carry on this tradition by making them for my sisters & sister-in-laws. I thank God I am able to still sew!

  45. OMApron Strings….I’m so Participating and Signing Up! Yep, I’m an Wearer, Collector and Stitcher of Aprons. As a matter of fact I just posted about Stitching Aprons and the Statement they can make…here’s the LINK:

    Your ‘Tie One On’ Tag is posted there as well. I bake Gluten Free Bread from my own recipe, and on ‘Tie One On Day’ will take a loaf, an apron and the recipe to a neighbor who is also on a GF Diet.

    My Gluten Free Bread Recipe is posted on my blog, CollectInTexas Gal here:
    Just in case any of your readers would like to give it a try….it’s a so EZ Bread Machine Recipe.

    Sue at

  46. I love aprons, especially vintage ones and am always on the lookout at second hand shops for unique ones, unfortunately, most aprons are not made for plus size women. I plan on making a great retro inspired apron for myself and for a friend, one that will be both flattering and functional.
    Michelle at

  47. I can remember my granny wearing an apron , and i use one as well .Will be making my three daughters an apron for Christmas .along with a 4th one that i will mail out to someone not expecting to get one .Thanks for the giveaway ,and god bless

  48. I’m inspired to make an apron for my friend Maggie who moved to our small town last year. She is working so hard to settle her young family and to support her husband on a difficult work situation. I’m already thinking of a piece of fabric in my stash, and a big batch of morning glory muffins should be perfect for her little kiddos. Thanks, EllynAnne and Craftsy!

  49. I have an apron which belonged to my husband’s grandmother. After reading your blog and the many comments, I think that I will make myself some aprons that I can eventually pass on to my kids (and perhaps someday…grandkids). In the meantime, I will be making pies for some special neighbors, wrapped in lovely towels. Thank You!

  50. My local quilt guild had an apron parade for our meeting last night. A lady showed her collectin of vintage aprons & then everyone got up & showed an apron that they had worn to the meeting. It was such a fun night to remember different family members & the aprons they wore.

  51. In memory of my Nana who used to make Cobbler’s aprons for all the ladies at church .I located the pattern on ebay that she used and have started to sew some. My plan is to make homemade goodies and wrap them in the aprons. I hope to include one for every family who’s childs name is placed on the giving tree of soldier’s in need at this holiday season.

  52. I just came across your site and thought how funny because I am making aprons right now that I will be saving for my nieces hope chests. I am really dating myself here but I wanted to give them something personal to remember me by.

  53. I’ve been making aprons as gifts for 35 years. I recently visited someone I hadn’t seen in many years. I had totally forgotten some of the aprons and mitts I had given her, but she was still estatic about them and brought them out and told me how much they still mean to her. I have to laugh because although I like making them for other ppl, the only one I’ve keep for myself has seen quite a bit of wear!!! I saw an apron I’m really psyched about, so one of these days (or months) I’m going to make another one for myself. My favorite gift is to make a mother & daughter apron set.

  54. We have a new minister in town and from talking to him last night he feels very out of place here. I invited him to share a meal with us and I am making small loaves of apple bread for him to take home. That way he can freeze some so they don’t get stale.
    paweis at yahoo dot com

  55. I love aprons, I think the memory of the apron pockets is the best. Always a tissue for a runny nose, I remember my mother wearing a ‘workday’ apron with large pockets. As she went around the house throughout the day the little things she picked up in the house would end up in the pockets. Anything from marbles, toy soldiers, paperclips or bits of paper and pencils. Then when she was taking off the apron she would empty the pockets. This is a fantastic idea for a holiday gift with fresh cookies for my busy neighbor with little ones.

  56. Love your website. I have been making aprons for a month now, for all the ladies in my family. the Bernina machine would sure come in handy. my mom just passed away last month and I was handed down aprons from her and my grandmother.Maggie

  57. I enjoyed making a reversable apron that is currently on display at our local quilt shop –started with an autumn themed apron panel and used a Halloween themed fabric to make it reversible –free motion quilted it with loads of flowers using my Bernette 46. I think I will use this for a “door prize” at our November Feed The Hungry Dinner at Hoquiam UMC. I will also be fixing a few apron/tote bags with a loaf of pumpkin bread to gift others too. I enjoy hearing what others are doing and plan to do.

  58. I enjoyed making a reversable apron that is currently on display at our local quilt shop –started with an autumn themed apron panel and used a Halloween themed fabric to make it reversible –free motion quilted it with loads of flowers using my Bernette 46. I think I will use this for a “door prize” at our November Feed The Hungry Dinner at Hoquiam UMC. I will also be fixing a few apron/tote bags with a loaf of pumpkin bread to gift others too. I enjoy hearing what others are doing and plan to do.

  59. I started celebrating National Tie One On Day a few years ago. I love making aprons and this has been a way for me to give someone something a little special prior to a holiday

  60. I am working with nurses on our Orthopaedic unit to provide Thanksgiving baskets for families in need and would love to put a handmade apron and some baked goodies to make this a even more special gift.

  61. What a great idea. I’ve been trying to think of a way to give back this Thanksgiving season and I think this just might be the way I can accomplish it! I will bake some breads or pies and wrap them in cute towels or aprons and deliver them to lonely elderly people in our church. I will spend a few minutes with them and ask them about their special memories of their holidays. I believe that the giving of time and an attentive ear can be a gift in itself. Thanks for this idea! Happy Holidays!

  62. To celebrate NTOOD, I’m going to call my (paternal) cousins! Our grandmother would spend days getting ready for Thanksgiving’s meal. On the day of, she would be up early — bobby pins in her hair, wearing her everyday apron — making sure the food and her table settings would be Just Right. When it came time for company to come and for dinner to be served, out would come the bobby pins and on would go the earrings, the stained apron would be exchanged for a crisp hostess apron, and she would make her grand entrance; proudly showing off her picture perfect turkey. I want to hear my cousins’ voices again, relive those meals, reminisce about the blue rimmed dishes and Gramma’s transformation — and how the ruffles on her good apron meant Dinner Is Served.

  63. Pie’s are my love! I feel comfort in making and baking them, also in giving them away that others may feel some comfort in their lives. It all goes back to memories of my dear mom and her PA Dutch heritage of making food from scratch. Hope everyone has a blessed holiday this Thanksgiving. Which reminds me I need to post a picture of myself baking a pie with my gorgeous EllynAnne apron on!

  64. Last week our church started “Harvest Table”, providing food for families in need. We were blessed to serve several families in our community. Such a blessing. We will continue this Ministry as there are many folks in need. Thanks for sharing this great idea! I’m making an apron for my sister, who with her husband cook meals every week for the homebound elderly, in their town in Florida. Love my aprons, and have made many for family and friends.

  65. Hello! I’m enjoying reading the stories of how aprons are a part of cherished memories, as well as how others will share this spirit with friends and neighbors. I have never made an apron before and sure would like to get in on the fun! If anyone has a recommendation for a simple retro-inspired apron pattern, I would really be happy to have it!
    Thank you! I can’t wait to start sewing!

  66. My mother and my mother-in-law always wore aprons. Now, I have severl ans wear them, as well. They’re practical, of course; but that’s not the reason I wear them. I wear them because they bring back so many memories.
    Thank you for this site and your love of aprons.

  67. I think I’ll find some special fabrics and make each of my four daughters a special keepsake apron for the holidays. I also make handwoven baskets. It would be neat to pack their special apron in a basket along with a cookie cutter and a favorite recipe. We are getting together at the beginning of December when one daughter is her from out of state. It would be neat to have a cookie baking day in our aprons and share our baking skills with friends and neighbors.

  68. wow! what fantastic prizes! i have 2 great aprons made and plan to give them to a young couple that were recently married. i’m going to wrap the woman’s in a cookies in a jar mix and the man’s in a chili mix. i love aprons and have always worn them. nancyb

  69. I will be giving a new mother a hot dish and a new apron. I’ve worn aprons since I was a year old (a dish towel) and I’m now 70. Aprons do tie us together, don’t they.

  70. I will be wearing my turkey print Thanksgiving apron as I prepare dinner for 21 people at my house. I said “the more the merrier this year” so I have my stepsister bringing her recently widowed grandmother and my son’s girlfriends family that have recently moved to town and are just getting settled in!

    I first heard about National Tie One On Day on my Aunt’s last Thanksgiving. I gave her a loaf of bread and an apron I made. She was so sick before dinner was already she gave the apron to her daughter-in-law, who now does her family Thanksgiving. My aunt died on Good Friday the following year after an eight year fight with cancer. She was my Aunt by marriage, a very good friend and like a sister. Every year since I give a loaf of bread and an apron to someone in my thoughts. This year to my youngest nephew’s girl friend’s mother (her husband has cancer). I will be having Thanksgiving with them.

  72. Luv the cute Bernette 46 machine,,,,

    I am trying something different this year for NTOOD… I am making ” 3-2-1 Coffee Mug Cake Mixes” to give to a couple of our elderly neighbors…
    So easy peasy… you’ll need:
    1 pot holder or dish towel( to wrap it in)
    1 coffee mug
    1 zipper type baggie (per mug)
    1 box strawberry or lemon cake mix,
    1 box Angel Food cake mix. (add water type only)
    Combine both the angel food and cake mix
    Scoop about 1/2 cup mix in to a zippy bag, Place baggie into coffee mug and zip close.
    Now for the easy part,,, inclue this recipe:
    3 tblsp dry cake mix
    2 tblsp of water
    mix & pour into a coffee mug that has been lightly sprayed with “Pam” of similar cooking spray (except olive).. cook in microwave for 1 minute… there you go, 3-2-1 Cake in a mug,,,

  73. I love this idea! I have a friend who’s husband of 60 years passed away in August so I am going to make an apron today along with a batch of cookies and take it to her Wednesday. Think I might do the same for my niece who now lives in Texas and gets lonely for her family here in Missouri.

  74. I have started aprons for my three college aged granddaughters. I’ll put basketball pockets on since they all three play college basketball. It’s time to start an apron tradition in our family.I intend to put some of our favorite family recipe’s in the pockets. Karen G.

  75. I collect old aprons like the ones I crossed stitched as a child and wear them when I entertain. My sister has herniated 2 discs but has invited me for Thanksgiving dinner so I plan to make a lot of the food so she can rest and enclose one of my favorite ‘antique’ aprons as a gesture of my love and appreciation.

  76. I am known for my aprons. My “cover ups” with big pockets for notes, tissues, treats for kids & house phone. Passing on the tradition to grandkids. Love the NTOOD idea & hope the next generation will also participate in such a great way to share with so many. Thanks –

  77. Aprons are a big seller at our guild sale table. I make aprons to give with all home baked Christmas gifts I give to friends and family. I know many friends have quiet an apron collection by now!

  78. I am soooooo glad to see aprons are coming back. Thanks for promoting them! They are wonderful for everyone and so very homey! Brings back wonderful memories and are so practical.
    Yeah Bernina! I even sew with one on!

  79. I gave sewing lessons last Winter and the gals each made an apron in one of the classes–so much fun. Both of my gramma’s always wore an apron. And I made dozens of aprons for my mother-in-law who ran The City Cafe. This is an added inspiration to give at Thanksgiving time. Giving THANKS!!!!

  80. I made an apron for a friend at church who has downs syndrome. She told me she was taking a cooking class and learning how to cook so I thought an apron would be nice. I gave her a Thanksgiving one and she told me this morning she is going to help cook dinner on Thursday and wear her apron.

  81. I’m the unofficial apron maker in our family. Many of them were Daisy Kingdom patterns. Every once in a while I still find Daisy Kingdom things at garage sales. This year I’m making an apron for my son-in-law. My husband, the chef in the family, is going to put some of his recipes in the pocket. Last year I made matching aprons for my daughter-in-law, my granddaughter, and her American Doll, Kit.

  82. I plan on designing an apron to be donated to an autism speaks organization. They do wonderful walks everywhere and have great fundraisers. Maybe this will help them.

  83. I remember making my first full apron at my Junior High School sewing class. In those days one did not have the opportunity to choose what “shop” you took. It inspired me to sew which I still enjoy doing. I did get a chance to do a boy’s shop…ceramics…when there were too many girls in the girls shop and not enough boys in the ceramics class. Must admit that I was more interested in the boys than the shop.

  84. I’m going to make aprons for my sisters with fabric photo transfers of my mom’s best recipes on them. My mom has been gone now for 19 years and it is so special to see her handwriting on the recipe cards. My sisters will easily be able to find the coffee cake recipe on Sunday mornings when they put on their new aprons and make the family favorite!

  85. I wear an apron every time I bake and I even have matching ones for my granddaughter who is 4. She loves to “help” Grammy in the kitchen. I plan on making several aprons for family members who need a little “pick me up” this time of year. Aprons are a great way to evoke memories of the past!

  86. Remembering my mom and grandmother always wearing a apron. I’ve given aprons for gifts before and making this a tradition for myself. the new Bernina would be fantactic

  87. My grandmother always wore an apron over her fancy dresses when serving the Thanksgiving meal. I can still picture her encouraging us to have another slice of her wonderful homemade pie. I always wear aprons myself and sew them to give as gifts. Sewingbysharon at gmail dot com

  88. This year everyone (men and kids included) gets an apron on Thanksgiving – a total of 16! Maybe this will encourage everyone to pitch in after dinner. I’m so thankful for all 16 members of my family.

  89. It think this an amazing idea. I just downloaded a pattern for a apron this morning and now I know what I am going to do with the first one I make…..YEAH!!!!

  90. This is a great idea. I remember my dear Mother wearing aprons – as well as my grandmother both wearing and making them! She, of course, taught me to sew and quilt and love all things fabric! I wish I had one of her aprons!

  91. This opportunity has done many things for me. I have made an apron for my aunt, who has always been there for me. I got to bond a little bit with my stepdaughter because she helped me pick out the fabric and I got a great excuse to do something I LOVE doing…sewing aprons!

  92. I turned a vintage table cloth into the perfect apron for Anne, she has just lost her husband of 56 years and I thought she could use some loving. I wrapped Gluten Free baked goods in the apron and delivered them yesterday.
    This is a wonderful program and I will be doing it again, thank you for opening my eyes to this event

  93. I love National Tie One On Day. This year I am going to celebrate by bringing some post-Thanksgiving cheer in the form of baked goods wrapped in a vintage tea towel to a neighbor who could use a lift. As a trial-run today I baked the cookies for the first time and sent them to a dear friend who is recovering from a motorcycle accident.

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