Hair Heaven

Any visit to a secondhand store has my radar on high alert for a portable hair dryer.  Rare to find one that’s in new condition, but so I did yesterday! Exclamation point absolutely necessary.

Hair Dryer case

Either this sat in someone’s basement for 50+ years, a gift that was never regifted, or perhaps on a beauty shelf in a drugstore that closed. However it landed at the Goodwill, I’m happily its new/only owner.

Hair Dryer Open
Having never learned to blow dry my own hair, I’ve always relied on humidity to keep it crazy curly or a roller setting for a once-a-week styling.

Sitting under a dryer with the heat blowing, it’s impossible to talk on the phone. While the drone is conducive to dozing off,  I use the time to multi-task: hair dries as I flip through a stack of magazines ripping recipes I almost never use.

A once-a-week ritual, an hour of time, costs nothing and the outcome is always the same.  Not perfect, as a visit to a salon might accomplish, but almost, which is perfectly fine for me.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Oh the memories! My mother had the hard bonnet kind. She always kept her hair short and permed, and on Saturday morning she popped under the dryer and sat with her book. We were not allowed to disturb her, it was her quiet (really just louder than us) time.

  2. How wonderful! I really need one of those. I recently found a brand new in box (with starch sample) 1952 Westinghouse ajust-o-matic steam iron. Works much better than anything new, and doesn’t have the dummy turnoff. The old made in the USA stuff was just made so much better.

    Love your blog!

  3. With six older sisters, our communal hair dryer got A LOT of use. It resembled yours but it was robin’s egg blue as were many things in the late 1960s. It died before I got a chance to use it properly. It may have had something to do with the fact that it reminded me of the robot in Lost in Space. I used to run around the house, waving the flexible air hose, yelling, “Warning, warning!”. Thanks for the funny memory! Take care, Byrd.

  4. OMG, just found one of these today, (the bonnet never unfolded in a thrift store)price tag was missing, I offered $3, and they took it! Reminds me of the kind my Nana used every Saturday night.

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