apron·ology#4 Giveaway!!!

apron·ology 1, 2, and 3 are now a fabulous quartet,
4th issue apronology pic for Beth's quote [640x480]
            with the February 1st publication of the 4th edition
CVR_4th issue (Medium)
Beth Livesay, apron·ology’s visionary editor-in-chief, continues the magazine’s legacy of apron love through inspirational designs, gorgeous photography and heart-felt commentaries. 

And so it is with immense pride of Beth and her accomplishment that I have the pleasure of offering a prepublication copy of apron·ology #4 to one very lucky winner. 

Ohsosimple entry : just leave a comment at the end of this blog – including an email address so I might contact you if you’re selected the winner!

This Giveaway completes January 25th (midnight mountain time); winner selected by random human and announced Thursday the 26th. 

What a fitting way to wave bye bye to January, by tying one on…an apron, of course!, settling in with a cup of aromatic tea and transporting to “apron-land”  through the pages of apron·ology.


  1. I absolutely would love to add this to my Apronology collection! I have made most of the aprons in the magazine. Can’t wait to get this one!!!

  2. I find myself almost feeling naked if I’m not wearing an apron while cooking! I definitely need some pretty ones though, and these fit the bill!

  3. Oh Yes! please toss my name into the basket of Apron loving Divas…. I love the yellow & pink toile printed apron,,, I sooo need some Spring colors,,,,
    and I think this #4 Apronista mag would do the trick!

  4. Since retiring, I’ve returned to my first creative passion, sewing, and aprons have become my signature piece that I give as gifts and donate to nonprofit fundraisers. Receiving this quartet would be a wonderful addition to my pattern collection.


  5. I LOVE APRONS! I have an extensive collection of vintage aprons and have about 200 apron patterns. Aprons are one of my favorite things. My Mother wore an apron just about every day and the fond memories I have put a smile on my face just thinking about it. Winning this would be the cherry on top of the sundae for me. Thanks! – Pat – satinmule@suddenlink.net

  6. I have been havig a great time making aprons out of vintage linens, my husbands cast off denim western shirts, skirts from the thrift shop and others… I use the Aronology magazines for inspirations… pouring over them for good ideas and inspiration. I would love to win the next issue as my friend and I have been waiting for it to come out…and told each other whoever sees it first on the newsstand is to buy one for each of us.

  7. Bye-bye January! Hello February and what a great birthday gift this would be for me.
    How do I subscribe to the magazine anyway?

    Thanks for all you do!


  8. Just read a great article in the Montreal Gazette about aprons where your magazine was mentioned. I’d be thrilled to win a copy! I have always loved aprons and have always worn one since I made my first one in home ec class many years ago. I have a wonderful stash of fabric just waiting to be transformed into some new aprons…




  9. I live in Alaska. I would love to win this, as its hard to find unique publications such as yours! Awesome.

    Laura Lee in Alaska

  10. lol! Ok, it didn’t ask for my email.

    Laura Lee in Alaska @ yahoo.com is my address for comment just posted. 🙂

  11. To win this would be the start of great year. Have all the books, so this would be a great addition. Have been collecting aprons and vintage linens forever – have over 75 tableclothes and many aprons. They are my favorite collection.

  12. Apronology is sooooo inspiring, especially for my small business called The Inside Pocket, Aprons & Accessories privileged with pockets, personality and purpose.

    Winning this issue would be so amazing. Ellen has reintroduced the apron, a garment with such intrigue, so many ways to go with its purpose and personality. Thank you for keeping it alive.

    Apronology is welcome to my library always…

    Thank you,
    The Inside Pocket

  13. I have had the honor of having one of my Aprons in Apronology! I have been unable to enter again because of some personal tragic events in my life. Aprons have been elevated to become an wardrobe must not a lowly service piece as in the past.

  14. Ellen, thank you for telling us about this new Apronology issue and keeping Aprons in the limelight! When I started sewing 4 years ago, I began with aprons and love their charm, simplicity, convenience and loving grandmotherly memories! Keep up the good work!

  15. I just can’t resist a cute apron, especially the vintage ones. My latest aquisition is a baby blue gathered apron in a kitty cat print which is a top layer “floating” above the solid blue underneath. Pure heaven!


  16. I have just finished ironing all of my vintage aprons – I wear them all the time! so I would love to relax with a copy of apron-ology # 4 !!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this!!

  17. I also love aprons and would love to win the newest issue as it is hard to find in the bookstores here. Lennie

  18. I would love to win something. I just finished making six aprons for my daughter who works at a bakery. She likes the ones I make because they are big enough to cover her up and have big deep pockets.

  19. This is Laura, I commented on FB that I was having trouble posting a blog comment. I hop this works. Please enter me in the Apron-ology give away. I love that magazine. i wish it came out more than one time a year!

  20. This is Laura, I commented on FB that I was having trouble posting a blog comment. I hop this works. Please enter me in the Apron-ology give away. I love that magazine. i wish it came out more than one time a year! Forgot my email


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