apron*ology Countdown Giveaway!

Here it is – the cover of issue #3 !!!!

CVR_3rd issue [800x600]

Sticking with tradition, this yearly edition of apron love will publish February 1st, and as in the past, I’ll be giving away a pre-publication copy courtesy of Best Livesay, editor of the only magazine devoted to the art of the apron.

So, how to enter to win this prize of prizes? Just leave a comment on this blog by late evening on Wednesday, January 26th. Winner selected by Random Human and announced Thursday afternoon.

Beginning tomorrow, I’ll be posting about my October visit to Stampington’s headquarters in Laguna, home of apron*ology and dozens of artistic publications. Here’s a peek: After three years of emailing, Beth and I finally meet!

ea_Beth in lobby

Which brings me to announcing that with the new year is a new way to stay in touch and up to date with what’s what in apron land – the new Apron Memories Facebook page !

Now to get going on tomorrow’s posting! I’m so excited for y’all to see the world of apron*ology.


Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Oh How awesome… I know I can hardly wait to get my hands on the next issue, hopefully I’ll win it but if not, I know where exactly to go & pick one up…

    Oh & the striped Martini apron you are wearing,,,LUV IT!

  2. Thank you so much !! Love your blog. I am flying to DFW to visit the Apron Chronicles in the Cowgirl Hall of Fame the weekend of March 4. Can’t wait.

    Woo whoooooo… Apron*ology countdown… I’m in!!!!
    Love it.

    Kansas City, Missouri

  3. No one ever says the accumulation of money is hoarding or cluttering the bank account nor insists that having more than one needs is a criteria for discarding it. Designers must push trends and disposing of goods or else they’re out of business. Love the apronology volumes.

  4. my daughter hannah has her own collection of aprons at 20! the magazine is fun — to see how others might wear their aprons! can’t wait to see the new additions!

  5. thanks for the chance to win the magazine. I have the first two issues and am thinking of submitting an apron for consideration in a future issue.
    ra in Canada

  6. I would love this particular issue for sure! Inside I saw an article titled ” Couture, cocktails & Cookies” The apron featured brought me to happy tears!! I have my Nana’s oh so fancy red and black Cocktail half apron!! I use it during the holidays to keep her “right here with me”. I would love to read the article “Cutter quality linens” as well. I love saving old linens and giving them new life!

    Thank you for the chance to win a copy of (apron-ology)!!

  7. I love aprons, too. In fact, I have started speaking at church events on the topic of aprons. The best laugh I got was when I suggested that we all consider “tying one on”. Then they laughed even harder when I explained it. They think your idea is fabulous, and next year our women’s group is going to try it. Thanks, Ellyanne, for a wonderful idea!

  8. Oh how I would love to win this book. I must have every apron pattern issued in the last ten years. This past Thanksgiving my smocking group took part in your “Tie One On Day” and we all had so much fun. We all wore our handmade aprons to our Christmas luncheon and they were beautiful. A couple of ladies brought aprons made by their moms and grandmothers. Not many people bought aprons back then, did they? Were they even for sale?
    I love your books and read them over and over at night. I think recipe books and pattern books are the adult version of bedtime stories.

  9. When THE APRON BOOK was released I purchased 8 books. I gifted them to my mom, sister, cousins and aunts, daughters and myself. Aprons are a large part of my childhood memories! Love them and would love to have a copy of the magazine! Blessings!

  10. Meeting you at the Cowgirl Museum in Ft. Worth, hearing your lecture, and seeing all your wonderful aprons was the best reason in the world to play hookey from school (where I work!). I loved every minute of your presentation and loved sharing some of my mom’s vintage linens and hankies with you. I look forward to seeing the new magazine. The apron on the cover makes me feel downright giddy! Love it!

  11. Pamcakes.. count me in!! I have an apron that is made like the front part of old timey bloomers and they are the cutest thing i have ever seen. I just love your website!!:)

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