An Almost Clean Sweep

Last week I received a ring a ling from a columnist with a big, BIG national newspaper. She wished to interview me for a Mother’s Day article…if I was available. A two second pause on my end as I gleefully cleared my mental calendar of all domestic duties. We chatted like old friends…always the sign of a great interviewer.

Our last bit of conversation was about inspiration and as I described my creative space, she suggested I supply a photograph that might accompany the article. Sitting on my balance ball, phone to ear, I looked out at the mess I’d given up trying to tame. Definitely not the picture the reporter was envisioning.

I began to slump as I took in what a total lack of control-over-chaos now wrought, when I was inexplicably galvanized by a surge of optimism that I could, and I would, put the room to picture-perfect rights.

Two days later, the room is staged and photographed by David Foxhoven, the most obliging spouse of good friend Irene Rawlings (author of my Sisters on the Fly 2-Winner Giveaway). Through the south window, light filtered through budding leaves and sunshine sprinkled the room. The yellow walls turned a hue in sync with the surrounding vintage palette. Picture perfect.

David and Irene had driven down from Denver, an act of generosity I repaid with yummy currency – homemade poundcake. After they drove off, I spent the rest of the afternoon sitting at my cloth covered desk, in love with the beauty of the room. Then came the evening, and I was forced to disassemble and retrieve all that was stashed…from beneath the desk’s drape,

from the closet, hallway, atop our bed, the guest bed, my youngest son’s bed…

Back to my old ways but not without this memory of what can be

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. LOL Ellynanne.
    We have the same problem…Craft Chaos, but remember from chaos comes somethin like that.
    You are soooo lucky to have one room for your crafts. I have a closet and shelf in our TV room, absolutely will not be seeing it on my blog.

  2. I’ve stumbled here and I’m just LOVING my visit. I’m a collector of aprons. I adore aprons. I’m known as the ‘apron lady’ in our neighborhood since I’m always wearing one when I’m walking down the street to my girlfriend’s house, or when I’m gardening. I even love to coordinate my apron with the clothes I’m wearing for that day.

    I’m so blessed to have found you. Your such a joy!

    Loving the ‘staged’ look and totally can relate to the ‘real’

  3. Hahaha! remember what my downstairs craft room looked like when you were here last…well double that & then multiply by 7 and you will get an idea of the mess that now lives in my craft/sewing room! lol!
    Yep, Great minds think alike! but at least you got yours cutesiefied up! I am still in lavender chaos! lol!
    p.s. took some pics of the Prosser weekend & our trailers, well get around to posting them on my blog to night…
    messy & creative hugz

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