a Mommyhood In Shades Apron Giveaway!

As the eldest girl in a family of six kids, I was expected to help out. My three sisters were like living baby dolls, and with years of playing with them, I’d imagined myself well-prepared to be a mommy.

Turns out playing mommy and being a real-life mommy are a tad different, especially the sleep deprivation part.

Taken thirty-one years ago, this photo foretold of many sleepless nights that were to be.

Happily, Noah and I lived through ’em all, and in celebration of his March 14th birthday, my wonderful supporters at Colonial Patterns/Aunt Martha’s Transfers are providing two aprons for a Tie One On Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway!

Both aprons are sewn of replica vintage toweling and the handy pocket is edged with rich rick

rack (my favorite embellishment) and a button closure.

As always, entry is easy. Just leave a comment – along with your email, please – so I can contact you should you be one of the TWO winners.

Tie One On Mommyhood in Shades Giveaway! ends this Saturday, March 13th, in the late evening. I’ll post the winners Sunday.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. I am unsure which item in your photo I like best… and it also leaves me with a number of questions. The sunglasses.. 1) were you a chic momma or thinking of riding the Harley to grab some diaper pins? 2) The sofa is one of my favorites from the 60’s and 70’s… where is your plastic protection for that fine tapestry? 3) The green jumper dress?.. wish I had one. Is it terrycloth? Motherhood is so wonderful the sleepless nights are so worth it in the end.


  2. Happy Birthday to your son, Noah!
    Thanks for sharing your early motherhood picture! I hope your son has many more happy and healthy birthdays…..The apron is delightful! I enjoy wearing them because my paternal grandmother, my aunts and my mother all wore them.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  3. i had to laugh- I think my mother had the SAME dress and glasses- must have been the ‘mother’ look for that year huh? LOL

    remember those sleepless nights well myself! SIGH

    great giveaway-thanks

  4. I have a picture of myself with a similiar “drained” looked that was taken when my daughter was a newborn, lol. I thought those days were hard, but would love to have my babies small again. Loving your apron giveaway! Please include me!!

  5. Love the picture. My first grandson is just six weeks away, God willing. His mama is a nutritionist who teaches, so I love to gift her with aprons. One of these would be great.
    Lois Reborne lois48@centurytel.net

  6. The aprons are perfect for embroidery embellishment. I remember those days well. The picture brought back many memories and the days went way too fast. Happy Birthday to Noah and many blessings, Janet (JKWgalleries)

  7. Oh my I remember it well! And my daughter is now there with baby #3. Try to help when I can though as with three little ones her hands are quite full! It is so worth every minute of sacrifice though.
    Love these aprons and would like to be entered in the drawing. Thanks!


  8. What a darling apron! And, my birthday is also March14 (but I’ll be 56, yikes! My firstborn son Ryan was born on March 9 – today as I write this – 32 years ago). I VAGUELY remember those weeks of sleep deprivation, too. Hugs, Cathy

  9. I am so glad to hear that the younger girls are interested in aprons and hand sewing like our grandmothers did and took pride in.
    I am 71 and work as a secretary. I have started making aprons and selling them here at work. I also have given several away, some to grandmothers to give their grand daughters. Keep up the good work!

  10. Oh gosh, my first was born almost 22 years ago–she was my colicky baby so I had plenty of sleepless nights with her! After the colic ended then it was the teeth, I remember we were living in an apartment building at the time and she had been crying way into the night. Around 2 am I heard a knock at my door, it was my elderly neighbor who obviously wasn’t getting much sleep, either! She handed me a bottle of whiskey and said–rub a little on her gums and then take a healthy swig for you and hopefully we’ll ALL get some sleep. LOL! Now, my daugher is going to be 22 next month and my youngest of the 6 kids is 4 so the sleepless night memories aren’t too far away!

    I love the aprons, too cute!

  11. Love the aprons. I LOVE your picture. We can laugh now because we survived. If I had only known that sleep deprivation from a newborn was so sweet. Now that I have teenagers I understand what lack of sleep really is!

  12. Wow, does that photo bring back memories…a tiny person, dependent on you, unable to just tell you what is wrong, and unhappy! And you feel like somewhere there must be a translation for what you are hearing and not understanding, and you should be able to fix it! At least that was my feeling! I loved it when they were able to talk! Great photo! Thanks for posting! You are quite adept at stirring memories and aprons are quite the tool!

  13. That half apron is fantastic! How simple the design is and it really shows off the great colors of the embellishment! So beautiful!
    Thanks for allowing me to play along!

  14. hi..wow..mommyhood..know that feeling..i was so wiped out and did cry a bit..how clever sunglasses I just never thought of that trick..I have two grown girls now that i sew for, still attempting to get them to do it..I just love the rickrack apron..I am a rickrack freak. love to win that one!.i use rickrack on all my aprons and now quilts..here’s a trick for you to pass on..take a white flour sack towel,, fold it into four and cut it out on those lines..it will make 4 cute child size kithen towels to help mommy or nanna..i put matching fabric hem on bottom with rickrack and iron-on a cute auntmarthas or colonial pattern..(the one with the dancing dishes is good, i applique part of it and then i embroider part of it) make matching potholder mitties child size to match the set with an apron to top it off!!! happy sewing blessings diana m cook

  15. It is a wonder that our babies survive us. You really look like you wonder what you got yourself into. I love the aprons & it would be fun to win one.

  16. Oh I believe in the poser of the apron and how when I wear one I do not get as messy when baking or cooking. This would be wonderful to win.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  17. Your Noah and my Abby share a birthday … she will be 8 this year and is so excited! And her wish list is a mile long LOL! Happy birthday to Noah …

  18. Just found your site today and I love it! My mom always wore an apron daylight to dark, unless she left the house, of course. I have a laundry basket full of her aprons which are very cherished posession of mine. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  19. I was the oldest girl of 10 kids (2 brothers older). My sis who is 15 months younger then me(although she has always been mistaken for the older one) were always given the babysitting detail. That brings back a lot of memories….


  20. Hahaha!
    I have to giggle, your dress soooo reminds me of the ever so popular colors that were popular back in the early ’70’s…Harvest-gold, burnt-oragne & avacado-green….
    My first kitchen was a combination of harvest-gold & avacado-green…
    When I first got married I didn’t own an aporn and didn’t know how to cook…37years later my kitchen is anything but avacado-green, I own many aprons but I still am not much of a cook! lol!

  21. Love your shades! I’m a mommy of a 2 1/2 year old and trying to bring back the days of aprons with my near and dears – aprons for my sister, your book from my mom- she likes to tie a flour sack around her waist for aprons. So cute! With smiles, Sarah (srander2000@yahoo.com)

  22. I would love to wear this in my kitchen…please count me in..I know that my mom owned a similar lookin couch…we weren’t allow on it…it was considered “off limits good furniture”…

  23. I remember the exhaustion like it was yesterday. You look too tired to talk! I love the aprons and the waistband and pocket treatment.
    Mary Ellen in FL

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