No Trick, All Treat!

My mother was a working parent and always pregnant, or so the latter seemed to me. In this snapshot, it’s Halloween 1954, and Mama is holding sibling # 5 and pregnant with # 6. She was a very busy lady, and Halloween costumes for the “big” kids were obviously not at the top of her To Do list. From the pout on my face, I am not pleased with my winter hat repurposed as a witch’s, nor that my brothers have store-bought masks and I don’t. In retrospect, it’s a marvel we’re costumed at all.

                   Halloween_1955 (Medium)

Happily, a serious lacking in creative costumery did not leave me in need of therapy, especially once I figured out that store bought or hodge podged, the grown ups answering the doors gave you candy.

As the grown up at this blog, and with Halloween just days away, I’m giving away 2 packages of sweet treats (but without the caloric consequence) – featuring the delightful patterns of Rebecca Anderson, an apron lover with an artistic eye. Even though my sewing skills leave a lot to be learned, I immediately considered I could handle the Expandable Bag and the button animals, which are sewn from felted wool, which turns out to be wool that’s been shrunk in hot water. Fantastic! Finally, a way to use woolies mistakenly washed!

Giveaway_Oct_Gussie Apron (Medium)   Giveaway_Oct_Expandable Bag (Medium)

                   Giveaway_Oct. Dogs (Medium) 

I learned about Rebecca through her husband, who emailed to let me know about his wife’s new line of patterns. I love how proud Dave is of Rebecca’s accomplishments.

Two giveaways here and two opportunities to win:

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  1. Fun Halloween memories–thanks for sharing that! My daughters and I are learning to sew–so easy patterns are wonderful! We also love using felted wool–so many fun things to use it for! Already signed up for the newsletter!

  2. Oh… we have similar memories of Halloween. How thankful I am for memories.
    Felted wool–I have often admired but never took the time to see exactly what it is; I have scads of it in my basement waiting! Like that beautiful cardigan I washed…
    I’m already a subscriber, would love to win of course! Thank you for the chance!

  3. I love your Halloween memories you shared.
    Alas I have looked many times at the thrift stores but never seem to find any wool sweaters to felt,but I won’t give up. I have 3or 4 felted purses I have bought and they always get compliments.

  4. At least you didnt have to wear a winter coat over your costume! I always hated that and Mom wouldnt let us not wear a coat. But like you said the neighbors always gave us candy and we could warm up in their houses as well…good memories.

  5. Oh, I really want the expandable bag pattern! Daughter gave me a wool sweater that shrunk in a beautiful grey…that would work perfectly for those bags…and a possible regifting upcycle for daughter!

  6. How nice of you to have these little opportunities to share all the apron patterns, etc. I love the picture of you and your family, it is very sweet. You do look a tiny bit grumpy! I have all your books, and they are wonderful….thanks for tossing my name in the hat, another apron fan, Karin

  7. What a sweet trick-or-treat! Your Halloween memories are wonderful, even if you didn’t think so while they were happening.
    My mom didn’t make our costumes so my childhood was spent breathing like Darth Vader under a plastic clown or princess mask. My head would be wet with sweat, even on cold Massachusetts Halloweens.

  8. What a fabulous giveaway Treat giveaway! I love your family photo.
    There were only three children in my family. Happy Trick or Treating!
    Many thanks, Cindi
    I am already a newsletter subscriber.

  9. Ah, the Halloween memories. I love hearing others family memories. So sweet of Dave to be so proud of Rebecca. Darling patterns . . . Oh, that apron is similar to one that Lucy (of I Love Lucy fame) was wearing in an episode we watched last night before nodding off. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Hello! This is my first time to comment on anyone’s Blog! I love reading them & your site is adorable. I am a happy owner of your books & I subscribe to the newsletter. Thank you for sharing sweetness and nostalgia and also the hard working apronned women of our history.

  11. Wow! I’m so impressed with the diversity of your talent. I like that many of your aprons follow the curvy feminine form which makes them a welcome sight beyond the kitchen. Julianne

  12. I have photos of my mom and all of us kids lined up on the porch. Pretty sure if she wasn’t there it was because she was pregnant again. We were all about 2 years apart. I think she always had at least 2 in diapers at one time.

    Gosh what our mom’s went thru!!!

  13. Wowzer! another give away! how cool!
    I am just starting to dabble in wool felted craft projects.
    Amd as always, I luv stitchin’ aprons…. a gal can never have enough.
    Apron hugz,

  14. Thanks for sharing your Halloween memories! I remember we always had to come up with costumes that could go over our jackets. Otherwise no one would see them. We were not allowed to go with those jackets and coats. 🙁

    Wonderful giveaway! I love the apron and the bag pattern looks very interesting!
    Cute animals too!

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