How many fingers?

The winner of an on-line giveaway is usually left up to a random number generator. But to me, there’s just no fun in that.
When it comes to surprises, I love that moment right before the big reveal, when anticipation is highest, and the reaction of the surpris-ee is a blink away. A computer does not blink. So when it came to choosing the winner of the freshly published Cake Wrecks, I utilized Leslie, my pilates instructor, to pick a number. Congratulations, comment #8/Tart Deco!

Cake Wrecks is such a huge success already because it is genuinely funny. In celebration of a good laugh, Andrews McMeel is providing a second copy of Cake Wrecks for me to giveaway.

To be eligible, just sign up to receive my Apron Memories newsletter. The latest edition will go out Saturday, so quick like a bunny… Winning subscriber will be selected Tuesday, October 22nd, by a random human.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Oh, how fun! I’m so glad you don’t like the random computer generator–I’m a random human fan, too! Thanks for the chance to win–I’m signing up for your newsletter pronto!

  2. YEAH< YEAH< YEAH! 8 is my favorite number too, so that makes this even MORE cool! Will I get an email from you or should I send one with my mailing info? THANKS!

  3. Hello, I just read on your website about the National Tie One On Day™ an annual event celebrated on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I think it is a wonderful idea. I would love to participate. I sew aprons, in my own sweet way they are my labor of love. It only makes sense to share them with others and include a gift and prayer.

    God Bless You and thank you!!

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