Aprons at the Fringe

Back in the spring, I received an invitation to participate in an apron exhibit as part of this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Arts Festival. The invite was proferred by Oliver “Ollie” Herbert of Flavours Holidays, first via email and then with a follow up telephone call – a very exciting start to that day, I must say!
Vague on Edinburgh’s location as Scotland or Ireland (it’s the former) and ignorant as to the Fringe Arts Festival, I stammered about as to how flattered I was to be contacted, but the distance was just too great to consider, not to mention the expense, and in my mind, that was that. In a most melodious and sooo smooth brogue, Ollie then described the Fringe as a month-long arts festival with world-wide participants and a global attendance that I could be a part of, which in itself would be a memorable experience.
Tempted but realistic, I let the notion go for good. And pretty much forgot about it until I received an Ollie email with this announcement:
Flavours of Italy will be a part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this year! We are exploring the history of the apron, a cook’s best friend! We’ve scoured the globe to put together the story of this kitchen commodity,from Adam and Eve to “Desperate Housewives”!

and this photo:

And this link to the Edinburgh Festival’s website, where I read Fringe is the biggest arts festival in the world, with something for everyone…. what???? In fact, it’s the number-one tourist attraction in the whole of Britain… It is???? Then watched this video:

And now I cannot stop watching it. Does this not look like the most fun festival in the world?!!!! And to think… It’s killin’ me I let my normally non-functioning left brain dictate to my creative spirit the unfeasability of even trying to figure how to get to Edinburgh. There’s a lesson here, but I’m too pained to figure it out right now.
For all of us not attending the Fringe, I’ve written Ollie with a plea that Flavours keep us updated with video on a regular basis, including a virtual tour of the apron show. Living it vicariously will actually be more than just good enough. Best to have even a taste than nary a nibble. Which perhaps is the lesson.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. I am so happy I found your blog, your book, your apron chronicles project. Lucky friday for me. I’m new to apron sewing but have managed to sew two for myself, one from my sister, one for my mother, and one for my grandmother in the span of 3 months. I think your site/blog/books have helped my pinpoint why. I feel drawn to be a part of the cooking, caring and nurturing that always happens in the kitchen among the women in my life. I’m on the brink of a new project of sewing 7-8 aprons for friends of mine and in exchange they are all creating something for me. We are old friends from college that have made it through thick and thin (at times, very scary thin). We love eachother fiercely. In the fun enthusiasm surrounding an upcoming wedding and the apron exchange, we also decided to create a cookbook among ourselves to give as a wedding gift. It is a project I feel you would appreciate. So, I guess, thanks. That is really the long and short of it. Oh, an aside. Edinburgh is great and the festival is pretty amazing according to friends that lived there. Sorry to hear you missed it but life is full of possiblities, right? Oh, if you don’t mind I might share your book and other apron projects on my blog.

  2. I spent three years in Edinburgh, it’s Europe’s most beautiful city in my opinion. Obviously I’m biased, but I did also live in Paris (France), Cambridge (England), and Vienna (Austria). The Fringe Festival is amazing, the city’s population quintuples for that month I believe… Maybe you can go next year?

  3. Wow! I think a road trip next year is just the thing! How about a group tour package of Apronistas?

    Hope Ollie will send updates.

    Don’t kick yourself over not going. Just think about how wonderful it is to be invited!!! Wow!!

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