A Little Something

I’d been saving my cute new botanical print dress to wear to a July 4th party, so when the late afternoon sun disappeared behind treacherous looking dark clouds, and the temperature dropped in ten-degree increments, I nonetheless zipped up, did a twirl, admired myself in the mirror, and promptly forgot to snatch a shawl “just in case.” Following the storm, the clouds blew to the east, and the temperature went south. Atop our hosts’ roof, PC and I posed for a snap. My smile isn’t the only thing frozen.

Blog_July 4_Denver_us (Medium) Overlooking the Denver skyline, I held up 2 toothpicks adorned with little flags, and with fireworks going off in the background, took this picture, which blurred because I was shaking so in the cold night air. But hey, I got to wear that dress!

Blog_July 4_Denver (Medium)

As we rode the elevator down, I asked a fellow passenger to pick a number at random. 313 he said. And that’s how the winner of the first Sunday giveaway was chosen. #313 Apron Memories newsletter subscriber is ginaloya. Congratulations! You’ll be receiving a personalized copy of my exhibit’s catalogue, Apron Chronicles. I’ll be emailing you for shipping details!

AC cover (Medium)

The second Sunday drawing celebrating-features-in-Cooking with Paula Deen-and-Romantic Homes-magazines will be for a set of these: Apron Memories notecards

Blog_Giveaway 2 (Medium)

plus this one – the latest notecard design!

AM_Tie One On notecard (Medium)

To be eligible for the July 12th (and upcoming July/August giveaways), just sign up to receive the Apron Memories newsletter!

Wherever you celebrated America’s birthday, I hope the fireworks didn’t fizzle and you dazzled in a pretty little something,


Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Hi,
    Mj Farmgirl here. Just to let you know I have your books, and congrats on being in not one but two upcoming magazines. I saw the Paula one today while out shoping, would have picked it up if I had known you were in there.
    Nancy Jo

  2. LOVE the Paula piece! This has always baffled me though…Jimmy leg doesn’t like watermelon! It must be a genetic trait as well as NONE of the kids do either. Cuckoo, I know. I resort to closeted watermelon eating which is sadly amusing.
    Love you and hugs to all!

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