the FABULOUS not-a-contest GIVEAWAY!

Here ‘tis – the most FABULOUS not-a-contest GIVEAWAY!

Celebrating the debut of THE KITCHEN LINENS BOOK, Colonial Patterns, Inc./Aunt Martha’s Transfers and I are giving away six (6) prize packages, each bursting with these goodies:

Vintage Red Striped Towel
Vintage Blue Striped Towel
Vintage Multi Striped Towel
Vintage Green/Yellow Strip Towel
2 – Flour Sack Towels
1 – 7″ Embroidery Hoop
6 – skeins of embroidery floss
2 – Aunt Martha’s Embroidery Transfers “Busy Babies and Barnyard Romance”
A sheet with basic embroidery stitches, and

Prizes are packaged in vintage toweling envelopes, each hand sewn and beautifully embroidered by mompreneur Amanda Thompson of Spokane, WA.

To enter this Fabulous not-a-contest Giveaway!

1. Create something wonderful re-using household goods from the past, such as fabric, hotpads, handkerchiefs, table coverings, curtain paneling, toweling, embroidery, doilies, placemats, napkins…

2. Post and boast about it on your blog and leave a comment here with the link to your post. 

Note: Leave an email address, too, so you can be contacted if you’re a winner. No blog? Not to worry. Leave a comment here, telling us what it is you’re creating & your email.

3. You can share your creation here, in our Kitchen Linens Flickr group.

Ta Da! You’re entered to win one of the six prize packages!

Deadline for entry is Thursday, April 30. Drawing held Friday, May 1, using random number generator to pick the six winners. Winners will be immediately notified by email (see #2!) for delivery information.

Please post our buttons on your blog, so your readers will know about this Fabulous not-a-contest Giveaway! too.

In the tradition of women creating, sharing and inspiring through the artistry and industry of our handiwork, let the fun begin!

xxea and the Price Family, owners Colonial Patterns/Aunt Martha’s


  1. I made a necklace from an old tablecloth (fabric given to me by a friend who sews) and a ball of “yarn” spun with old vintage serger scraps. (given to me by my same friend, she found everything at a thrift store and made new aprons out of the linens and old aprons)

    I posted both on the Flickr group.
    Thanks, this is a great giveaway!
    Jen/Blue Mama Crafts

  2. Ellynanne, I blogged about this on the SSC site, we also added your button.

    I am entering using the apron that I made from vintage kitchen curtains and an old bed sheet. We actually gave it away with your new book on our site to a lovely girl in Pleasant Grove, Ut. What a wonderful giveaway and not-a-contest.

    Can I enter twice if I make something else? I’m going “thrifting” this week and would love to make a few more things. Such a great idea, giving new life to something with a past – also how ecoconcious of you to help others reuse wonderful items.


  3. I don’t have a blog but please enter me anyway. 🙂 It has nothing to do with fabric, but I reuse empty plastic gerber baby food containers for paint containers for the kids.

  4. What fun items! I love to do embriodery and am working on some Aunt Martha’s colonial girls right now! I made a skirt for my daughter out of a pink bridesmaid dress that I wore for my brother’s wedding.

  5. Not sure how vintage this is, but I am in the process of making a rag denim quilt out of my boys old jeans…LOVE to see things come together and recycle. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity.

    Sorry, I don’t blog 🙂


  6. I haven’t made anything, so sorry, no post. But when I saw this it sure did get my brain going on what I could make. Hope I can still get in to the draw since I didn’t get creative.

  7. I would love to win; I don’t have a blog but my passion is placemats because with just two seams and a handle( or not :>) I have a handy bag or container for sewing tools, or napkins on the table, or wrapped treats on the office desk to share.
    I learned to sew from my grandmother using transfers and now would be a good time to start teaching my own grands! help me grins !!

  8. well I would like to enter but my project will not be finished by then, I am making a tie quilt with some of my daughters clothes we had for her as a small infant. So if this counts then wonderful, Thank you very much!

  9. I do not have a blog, so I will post with my email! I am embroidering old tea towels with cute Dutch girls Sunday – Saturday to put on a pretty hanger in my kitchen. I’m doing something similar on old needlepoint fabric to be framed in a grouping in the laundry room. How fun! 🙂


    jvincent (at) gmail (dot) com

  10. Would love to win this book. I do not have a blog yet….
    I do have 3 young kids that follow me into the kitchen each strapping on their own apron. They love when I pull out a towel that has a “picture” on it (embroidered, with vintage Martha).

  11. I made a quilt from vintage hankies that were my mother’s, grandmother’s and mother-in-law’s. I posted a picture on your Flickr group. My user name is: plharrison48.
    I would like to be included in your giveaway contest. A friend shared your site with me and I was so excited. It is wonderful! My e-mail is:

  12. Fantastic giveaway. I don’t have anything currently residing at my house because I’ve given them away as presents. I guess I will have to go through the stash again to see what commandeers my brain and gets the creative juices flowing. April 30th….

  13. EllynAnne, I am such a goof. When I got your message on my blog, I didn’t even realize that it was from you — I just dashed over here and put in my entry. Please forgive me for that oversight. Of course, I’ll have to do a post about what I did! At any rate, thanks for inviting me to throw my hat in the ring. You know that I used the photo in The Apron Book as my guide as to what the apron should look like since I can’t find mine. And speaking of the Apron Book — I love it. I look at it all the time. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book!!

  14. This past year, I made a purse from curtains that my MIL had here in the house more than 30 yrs ago. THe fabric was still sturdy and I hated to throw them out, so hung on to them all these years. How long she had them up I don’t know. I went to the flikr site but don’t know how to upload a picture. Can I email it to you to do? Let me know. I don’t have a blog of my own.
    madmecyr at myfairpoint dot net

  15. I learned of you and your wonderful books today on Tea With Friends blog site. I LOVE vintage tea towels, aprons & table covers- well anything vintage. I have placed on my blog some pillows made from old tea towel linens. I have very fond memories of things my mom made when I was younger. She made aprons and dresses from old feed sacks and linens from old flour sacks! Visit me at

  16. Check out my blog, there is a photo of my “Valance” in my sewing room, it is a recycle upscaled Tea Towel, there are 2 of them but only a photo of one, it is quite a ways down on my blog so make sure you go far enough to see it. It is a Vintage Thingie Thursday post. 🙂

  17. I don’t have a blog, but here’s a tip for you. Clothes that you’re no longer wearing are a great source of fabric for your projects. Or, you can go to the thrift shop and find clothes there to recycle. Shirts, dresses and coats have very little wear on the back. Don’t forget the buttons; you can use those, too.

  18. Hello. I just discovered this site and love it! I am entering and since I don’t have a blog I will just post here and then upload my photos to the Flickr album once I figure out how to do it! (I have a Flickr album and have no trouble, but I can’t figure out how to upload to Flickr group albums.) Lillian. mizlillysews at

  19. This not-a-contest is incredible. Just joined your Flickr group and added some samples of various Aunt Martha’s I’ve stitched. As a Kansas City girl, I feel so lucky to be so close to Colonial and the history that they have here in this town.

  20. I don’t have a blog but I do have a project I am working on. I am using fabric that I received from my mother in law who got it from my dh great-grandmother. It is defintely vintage and I am using it to cover cushion for my wicker chairs. I absolutley love the fabric and was very blessed to get it. Please enter me in the drawing.
    How do I leave my email addy?

  21. Well isn’t this kismet. I was scouring the internet after an apron tute since I’m on a new sewing mission. I just got done making an appliqued pillow for my daughter’s birthday from old clothing. I’m so proud of it. It’s my first project using a sewing machine. I didn’t even use a pattern and my seams still matched up beautifully. giddy.

    Here’s where you can find it:

    btw-found your button off The Apronista’s site! Great site!

  22. This is not a reusable item that I’m in the process of making. However, I just thought I’d post my quilt that I’m making for my daughter’s graduation.

    I’d love to be in your drawing. My youngest loves to emb. kitchen towels and all. Please include me in the drawing Thanks.

    ABreading4fun [at] gmail [dot] com

  23. I don’t have blog to post pictures. I don’t have anything I’m creating from used vintage right now. However, I love making things. kitchen hand towels. I have made some and given them away. I’m a 13 year old and love to do crafts and sew. Right now I’m making a graduation cross-stitch for my sister’s graduation. I made my dad an apron for Christmas for the times he BBQ’s in the summer. He loves my apron.

    My mom posted a picture of some of my gifts I made at Christmas time on her blog. You can view the cup pincushions that I’ve made on her blog

    Please include me in your giveaway. I’d love to win it. Thanks.

    pastorsdaughter [at] gra [dot] midco [dot] net

  24. I just posted a picture of an apron I made from a tablecloth. I just won an eBay auction of 140 pieces of ‘cutter’ tablecloths, towels, napkins, dresser scarves, etc., so that should keep me out of mischief for a bit!

    What a great giveaway! Looks like six lucky people will be having a lot of fun!!!

  25. I love to go to estate sales and get vintage dish towels, dresser scarves, etc. and either use them or if they have great embrodery, re purpose them. I save old worn out pillowcases and then cut off the embroidered end and piece them together to make a tea table cloth.
    My latest estate sale find is a wonderful dresser scarf, about 1/4 finished in a bag with the hoop and needles and floss. The work on it is beautiful! I will use that to teach a young mom the art of embroidery and hopefully spark a love for lovely things.
    Thanks for your newsletter and have a wonderful time on your tour!

  26. I am making pillows from a length of Pendleton wool that my Mom won in a 1950’s 4H competition. It’s a beautiful green and brown plaid and I’m finishing it off with brown leather buttons from my Grandma’s button basket.

  27. Thanks for the great opportunity to enter the “Not a contest” to win! I have a couple of projects I’ve recently completed recently using vintage “re-makes” The first is aprons created from less than perfect tablecloths.
    My other recent project was to create new kitchen curtains from two tablecloths.
    Lots more ideas in my head….just need more time.
    Thanks again for the opportunity to win.

  28. I love making aprons, and have recently started embroidery, too. This giveaway is perfect!! I just started a podcast on iTunes and a blog called Quilted Cupcake, where I share sewing and crafting projects. I’ve posted a few projects there. I’d love to have you listen in. Podcast is:


  29. I don’t have a blog or web-site either – yet – so am sharing this here. What a great give-a-way, and ideas being shared! I love finding antique linens at auctions and garage sales. So much of the time they belonged to their grandmothers/ aunts, but they no longer want them. So they find a home with me. For some embroidered tea towels where the flour sacks became unusable, I made a table runner laying the embroidery side by side. I stabilized the embroidery using new muslim fabric and double-sided fusible interfacing. Using a fairly thin quilt batting, I quilted around the embroidery, emphasizing the lines. The backing and edges were done with cotton fabric to match my kitchen, but I could see it being made with homespun or repro fabrics. In some ways it’s better than using the individual tea towels because you can all the designs at once.

  30. I use old clothes and recycle them into new items. Right now I have an old man’s oxford cloth shirt that I am making into pincushions and embellishing them with ribbon and old buttons. Some embroidery will be pretty on them too. Before I discard a piece of clothing, I cut off the buttons to re-use. I made a window topper for my Mom out of an old dresser runner. It was pleated and mounted on a board for a beautiful window topper.
    I also quilt, so I love to incorporate old material, etc. into my quilts.
    Thanks for the amazing giveaway and I also enjoyed meeting you on your book tour tonight. Your talk was wonderful!!! Thanks for a great evening.

  31. I have always loved vintage linens, especially embroidered tablecloths. Even though some of the vintage tablecloths in my collection are a bit worn, I can’t see cutting them into something else. But the tablecloth in my post was very worn and so I made it into an apron. I’m very happy with the result.

  32. Wow…There’s a lot of cool stuff here. Just yesterday I posted a small table square pieced from vintage Vera napkins — a Mother’s Day gift for my mother-in-law. Sign me up, please!

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