Vintage Trivia

Celebrate Spring with a new hostess ensemble! Such was the yummy advice to the 1956 homemaker with a bit of time on her manicured hands.

Coats & Clark’s creative vision for “the discriminating homemaker who likes to be different” was page after page of apron and coordinating table settings, “…that we have christened “Hostess Sets.” ” There it is – a wonderful tidbit of Vintage Trivia! Now we all know when and by whom the phrase Hostess Sets was coined. Ah, such is the stuff I live for!

I utilized yoyos and moire to create this happy combination, which is perfect for a party luncheon.

And as the favor for my three special friends, a sweet hankie tied with ribbon and slipped in between, a sprig of fresh lavender. Now, what to serve?
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Love the idea! And a hanky to boot… WELL! I have collected hankies and I’d love to see them revived as well. Those dainty flower prints and lace.

    I made some yoyos for the first time this Spring, and placed some on an apron for my 28 year old daughter. She’d just bought a new house and I just figured that calls for a spiffy apron! It is the black and white damask along the side-bar of

    Love your blog…

  2. Making yoyos is soooo addicting.
    I love adorning everything with them, from aprons to pot holders to headbands & even flipflops!
    Thanx for the history on the “Hostess Sets”.

  3. Like the use of yo-yo’s on the set. I just stopped over the The Apron Goddesses giveaway. Love all the vintage images here!

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