Opportunity Disguised as Flu

Recently felled by a touch of flu, I followed the old-fashioned prescription for illness, and took to bed in a darkened, cool room to wait out recovery. The upside to feeling so crummy was shutting the door to all communication, reclining on a plump of pillows, and luxuriating in my beautiful book. Since its arrival and my peekview video, I haven’t really processed The Kitchen Linens Book…then along came opportunity, albeit, disguised as flu.
In the coming days/weeks, my plan is to personalize for y’all the people, the stories, and the fabrics within TKLB’s pages. 

To begin, the hardback cover of TKLB is texturized to feel like the feed sack cloth that is photographed. I purchased this bit of feed sacking from my friend Carolyn Gilbert, owner of Pandora’s Antiques in Electra, Texas.  What drew me to this particular fabric were the holes from the original hemming were still visible. In my mind, I could see the thrifty homemaker carefully removing the string, which would prove servicable in another capacity, and then using the feed sack to sew a garment or table covering. 

To brush your fingers against the cover is to feel the fabric and if just for a blink, connect to the women of earlier generations.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. I’m sorry your not feeling well but I’m glad your enjoying your book…I was away visiting my daughter and her family when mine came in the mail…sigh…I had to wait until I got home to look through it. It’s wonderful as all your books are and I’m happy to say I own all of them.

  2. Oh, I know what you mean about the toweling! The hems at both ends are hand sewn – a touch I just love. I figure the homemaker may not have had a sewing machine, but that didn’t prevent her from finishing the edging. This towel is from the Fifties, the last era of fabric, including aprons, that I collect because I am drawn to the colors – with this toweling as one of my most precious.


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