Celebrating the Artistry of Women

I’m always on the look out for new ways to incorporate vintage goods – whether a doily, handkerchief, hot pad, household linen or just a bit of pretty lace – into a new sewing or craft project…not that I’m any great shakes at either!  I’m more about embellishments than the details of construction.  
Aprons from the 1920s -1940s are my endless inspiration. Without the mind-boggling aisles of craft stores to provide materials with which to be creative, women relied on the ladies’ magazines of the times and pattern books for new projects to beautify their homes and their clothing, like this sweet butterfly lace pocket:

Prettying up an apron with a lace pocket or embroidering a name on a handkerchief or crocheting a lace edging to a muslin dishtowel were how women used to embellish and enliven the mundane through stitchery.  
Aprons to linens – celebrate the handiwork and artistry of women.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. I love looking at the beautiful things that women make. I would be so thrilled if you would check out my January post entitled A Lost Art. I have been trying to find someone that knows how to make the flowers in the dress I featured in my post. There is a special tool and I don’t know what the name of it is. I think women in the 50’s used to make these beautiful flowers.

  2. Kathy, hey! I really enjoyed seeing Brooke in your mother’s dress – That a frock so delicate has survived to be worn over 50 years since its creation is a tribute to the seamstress! The blue slip is the glory, though. I have old Sears catalogs I look through, and the undergarment section is filled with slips and the variations (like culotte slips)that every woman’s lingerie drawer contained. Lingerie drawer – yet another vintage conversation!

  3. Ellynanne, I am so happy I found your site! I, like you, love vintage aprons and hand-embroidery
    especially of the 30’s-50’s. The Tie-one on event is really inspiring. I am relatively new to blogland, but I have added your blogsite to my Fav list. I hope you’ll visit my website and blog too.

  4. Those details are very pretty. Sadly, I think I would have to be chained down to accomplish them since I find I am not sitting still for more than 10 minutes at a time. Maybe all the minutes could add up!

    Got the new book and am saving for further notice…

  5. EllynAnne,
    I too love the idea of giving a poor old torn dicarded piece of vintage lace or stitchery a second life…What a wonderful way to display the handi-work of our mothers and grandmothers…who took pride in their work…unlike today when everything is machine made or outsourced to a 3rd world country where it is all about profit and quainity but certainly not but quality. ….God gave is two hands and He didn’t mean for us to use them to write checks/sign credit cards, but rather to be Createful!
    hugz, >^..^<

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