Bit O’ BizWizdom

A year ago or so, I responded to a call out by for calendar quotes to be used in the 2009 edition. Despite that when it came to creating Apron Memories or any of my other apron projects, my business plan is Ready! Fire! Aim!, I tried my hand at it and sent an entry. Knock me over with a feather, my bit o’ BizWizdom was selected!

The calendar question I posed is actually a variation of a question I ask myself on a daily basis: Would I want to be married to me today? I just grimaced as I wrote this – yikes! There’ve been days….

Anyway, for a simple enough question – Would I want to ____________ today? – it’s really quite amazing how adaptable it is to professions, relationships, situations… Would I want to be my student today? Would I want to be my child today? Would I want my groceries bagged by me today? And as I was sitting with my girlhood friend as we awaited her turn for lab tests, I held her hand and asked myself Would I want to have me offering comfort today?

February 11th – my bit o’ BizWizdom day. Ha! Life is just one big surprise.
Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Congratulations for being chosen. What a wonderful question! On my way to Walmart tonight, I was questioning myself with how I have been acting to my hubby lately. Nope 🙁 I complain about all the negativity I hear from him and my mom (We live with her and make sure she is being well taken care of) but you know I guess I haven’t been to nice lately. Raise my voice a little too much, never doing what he says (not compromising) being it’s my way only 🙁 Need that quote on a keychain….

    Jo Lynn

  2. A personal epiphany is usually exactly that – an insight of a private nature, so I’m thrilled y’all are finding my light bulb moment of value, within the fame of your own circumstances. I did something nice for one of my sons yesterday, and as I completed the purchase (a set of vintage spurs!), I found myself thinking “Would I want to be my child today?” and the answer was absolutely! I smiled at the answer – nothing like a good mommy moment. xxea

  3. EllynAnne Hey!!! I recently signed up for an apron swap (only my second) and the girl that is my partner had just posted on her blog that she purchased one of your “smoochies”. What a small world. I told her that I use to sew for you and how amazing you are. Now the pressure is really on because I have to sew her an apron after she already owns one of your fabulous aprons! And now she is hosting another swap and references you there.

    . . . JOEY

  4. I am also quoted in the Calendar and when I saw your quote I
    just had to visit your website. What a JOY! Not only is your website beautifully done but it brought back so many memories of my dear grandmother and my first apron and how I learned to tie a knot by tying her apron and mine. 🙂 Thank you for bringing such Joy back into the world utilizing the beauty and simple elegance of your aprons and your words. I loved reading your blog and looking at all the pictures.
    I am so glad I submitted a quote and was chosen because it has
    connected me with a world of amazing women that just take my breath away!
    Lora Canary
    P.S. You asked for my quote so here goes: “There is no rule that life has to be hard. I looked it up.”

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