Apron Displays

My nine-year apron journey has presented the opportunity to visit the most inspirational apron displays, which like their subject matter, are without pretention yet infused with dignity. You’ve seen what I’m talking about in those old, sepia tone photos, where the subjects stare at the camera’s lens without intimidation, conceit or a molecule of self-consciousness. They reveal their truth, and never more (to me, anyway), when photographed in an apron. 

In a local apron display at the Wichita Falls, Texas, historical society’s museum, I was enchanted by this photo of Mary Eliza Darden Renfro (1873-1932) and the accompanying poem, Mother’s Old Checked Apron – “which had no lace nor ruffles-just a simple garment, but an epic of its day.”  Epic, as in a symbol of heroism, strength, something that surpasses the ordinary and is worthy of celebration. Epic. What a wonderful word to reference the humble yet lovely apron.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

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