A Treasure Found

Writing about the state of chaos in my creative space prompted an effort to clear just one shelf of shoebox jumble. The box I picked to go through revealed this gem – a letter I’d penned to Dr. Kildare, the love of my 6th grade so-called life (after Elvis, of course):

The envelope was addressed but not licked shut, because I used to copy all my correspondence!

Discovering the photograph and handwritten letter reminded me of my dreamy-eyed girl days. My bedroom was total chaos. Nothing has changed, but the girl is now grown up.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Every girl has her unattainable crush!! I adored Durran Durran. I think my sister like Shawn Cassidy. I mostly laugh now when I see the magazines targeted at the preteens with the pretty boys on the covers.

  2. I was so certain Elvis Presley would marry me, I used to practice writing my married name, Mrs. Elvis Presley, EllynAnne Presley, Mr. and Mrs. Elvis Presley, and drawing the initials for our married monogram, which would be applied to all the glorious wedding linens we’d receive as gifts. Only years later, as I was taking the SATs, did I consider the hours spent daydreaming about my life with Elvis might have been put to better use paying attention in class. But then, I wouldn’t have this little story to share!

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