Winners Plucked from Vintage Peanut Tin

I am overjoyed with the success of the third annual National Tie One On Day. To the one hundred + participants, thank you for bringing a bit of happiness to someone in need of a little kindness.

Now, to the drawing for 5 copies of The Apron Book, 5 copies of Apronisms, and 5 vintage aprons from my very own collection – rather than allow my computer to randomly select the winners, I decided to choose the winners the old fashioned way: by drawing their names from a hat…only not a hat, but rather from a wonderful old tin that is normally my peanut holder. So I wrote out all the entries, cut the paper into slips, folded them, and dumped them into the tin

Tie One On Day Drawing Entries

Then I set up the scene and took this photo

Tie One On Day Drawing 1

Then, with my eyes closed, I plucked 15 entries, and here they are:

The Apron Book : Monica (Nov 6), Cindy (Nov 12), eternalsunshine (Oct 30), jana (Nov 17), and marissa (Nov 7)

Apronisms: Toiling Ant (Oct 31), whoopsiedaisiesgal (Nov 7), Paula (Nov 8), Jill (Nov 13), Paige (Nov 10)

Vintage aprons: Sheila (Nov 7), Christie (Nov 4), Becky (Oct 30), Laura (Nov 8), Cheryl Janeen (Nov 20)

To all y’all who participated in National Tie One On Day 2008, thank you thank you thank you!


Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Wahoo & Congrats to all the lucky winners….how cool is that!
    I know they will love your books & aprons as much as I do.
    I hope to see postings of your vintage aprons that were won by those lucky gals.
    Ok, I am off to stitch up a quick-well maybe not so quick, Hostess Apron. I need a Hostess gift for this Friday and a flirty holiday apron fits the bill.
    Hugz & congarts again to the lucky winners.

  2. Dadgummit, I just *knew* I was going to win something… but unfortunately I shall have to decline, because I didn’t hold up my end of the bargain. I put the button on my site but then plumb didn’t carry out the project. 🙁 Can you pick a runner-up?

  3. I have given away bread wrapped in tea towels, and cookies on old depression glass plates but hadn’t given away something from my kitchen wrapped in an apron. This challenge really challenged me personally. What could I give that would be different and special and which apron would be the one used to wrap up that special something? Thanks for the challenge, and for encouraging more gals to not only Tie One On, but to share in the joy of that uniform ritual!
    Paige Whitley

  4. I am so excited to be a winner! Thank you so much! My friends and I started a sewing group about a year and a half ago because of our mutual love of aprons. Here is our Secret Stitch Club blog:

    We had never sewn before, but have since sewn many, many aprons and other fun projects. Your book was one we poured over and a couple of people made aprons from the patterns in it. Thank you so much!!

  5. Woo hoo – I’m so excited to win an apron! Thank you so much. I never win (I know most people say this, but it is true for me – guess I can’t say that anymore). My neighbor was pleased to get her apron and loaf of bread, and I plan to do it again next year!

  6. I’m so excited that I won. I love making aprons and giving one away with something inside was a great thing. I also used it as a lesson in giving for my daughters. I can’t wait to do it next year and have my daughters make an apron as well. Thanks again! Beth

  7. I’m so excited!! I loved the idea of the bread and apron giveaway the moment I read about it. My loaf of bread and vintage apron went to a friend at work who is having a rough time with one of her kids. I plan on doing this again and again, all through the year!

  8. Thank you so much. I think this is one of the best things to do. Very satisfying to let people know that they are appreciated. I can’t wait to get the book and peruse to my little hearts content.

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