VOTE – Because You Can!

Dressed in my favorite early day apron and adhering to my motto Apron + Pearls = Every Day Chic, I voted on Friday. The voting site was a-buzz with energy and anticipation, and standing in line was an opportunity to chat it up with folks ahead of and behind me about how fortunate we are to live in America. When I exited the booth, I handed my camera to Issac, the voting proctor closest by, and asked him to snap a picture of me having tied one on…an apron, of course! to vote. Issac is a better voting booth monitor than photographer:
I hope this picture will inspire you to dress up in Every Day Chic tomorrow and show off your Vote-stickered apron here!

Voting is a family affair for my friend Emily Kenyon and Nina, her college-freshman stepdaughter. Traveling from San Francisco and Oregon, they arrived in Pueblo on Saturday to canvas for their candidate…who just happened to be here! Talk about serendity!!

Tuesday, please, vote for your candidates! Because you can.

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