Zack the Electrician Draws the Winner

How serendipitous that on the day of my Patriotic Apron Giveaway Drawing, our electric line was being serviced by Zack the Electrician. An affable fellow, Zack the Electrician obliged my request that he assist in choosing the winner of the Vote Apron. Giving the workingman’s lunch box a good shake and rattle, he plucked a name…

The winner is Hadley Austin at Hadley Gets Crafty
Hadley’s Post: This is the most wonderful idea. I teach English at the university level and am always so addled by my students’ failure to participate in elections and other civic functions. The girls are always astonished to realize that women have had the right to vote for under one hundred years. The things we take for granted…
Hadley promises to send a photo of her wearing this vintage symbol on November 4th, as she votes.
How about we all tie one one…an apron, of course! when we VOTE.

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  1. Congrats to Hadley gets crafty…how fun to be able to wear a R/W/B apron to Vote!
    & how cute was Zack the electrician, what a sport!

    oh & speaking of aprons, I saw your Apron Book in the “Hopelessly Romantic” catalog…. on page 35 tucked in tween the cute aprons.

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