Calling All Sleuths

My cache of old books include the Nancy Drew series. Read first by my older girl cousins, I inherited these original volumes while in elementary school. Nancy Drew, along with Penny (Sky King’s niece) and nurse Cherry Aimes were my girlhood idols. Their lives were so much more interesting than mine, what with a bit of unsolved mystery here and there. The Nancy Drew books were the last mysteries I read with a fan’s fervor. Turned out mystery writing isn’t a genre I enjoy; however, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good puzzler now and again. Especially when it involves an apron.

The Mystery of the Margie Ruth Apron was sent to me from Michelle Salazar: My Mother is 79 years old and was named “Margie Ruth” by my Grandmother. Granny was born and raised near Waycross, GA. She saw the name in an apron advertisement in a catalog. I am hoping to find out more information about the apron and the company who sold it. That would be a nice surprise for Mom. Granny must have liked the aprons to name her child after them.

Does anyone know of the Margie Ruth apron? Solve this mystery, and receive an apron from my collection.

Let the sleuthing begin!


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