Dress Up and Drink Up

Yes, it’s hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk, but to do so would be wasteful of an egg. Better to make a Coke float.

While there is gentle disagreement in my family as to whether the ice cream goes into the glass first and is topped with Coke or Coke is poured into the glass and the ice cream follows, what’s not up for discussion is a Coke float is drunk from a chilled tumbler that is all dressed up in a Glass Jacket.

A Glass Jacket is something I discovered in one of my collectable books, Golden Treasury of Needlecraft. A postwar publication, it’s a gathering of over two hundred things for the homemaker to crochet, knit, sew, and embroider for herself, her children, her home, her husband or “…as gifts to give to those you love.” I don’t crochet beyond the simplest chain stitch, but if I could crochet, I would spend my time making these Glass Jackets:

Instead, I discovered a baggie of multi-colored crochet Glass Jackets at a thrift store: I used to dress up my dolls. Then I dressed up my babies. I never dressed up the dog. However, I do accessorize drink glasses with the occasional little umbrella, marachino cherry, and a little Jacket. Sweet.

How to Make a Coke Float
Scoop vanilla ice cream into a glass. Pour cold Coke over the ice cream. Serve with a tall handled spoon and a straw.



  1. OMG!!!! these are just toooo cute!!! what a great find.

    Ok, as for me…I like a tall frosted glass w/2 scoops of chocolate ice cream & some Cream Soda poured over the ice cream…oh yummm!

  2. Forrest Gump’s list of shrimp and its serving possibilities is similar, I’ve discovered, to the variations on a Coke Float: both are endless! I’m such a stickler for a classic Coke and a classic float, I hadn’t entertained adding a dribble of vanilla, substituting sherbert for ice cream or chocolate for vanilla, or pouring root beer in lieu of Coke or adding rum or Kahlua.

    Thanks, all, for sharing your favorites!


  3. Regarding those glass jackets discovered as femail doc was cleaning out her mom’s home – I have heard a similar story hundreds of times, only the discovery was of drawers and drawers of handsewn aprons or linens, which were given away or simply thrown out. And always, in hindsight, the lament is “I’d give anything to have just one apron (or hand towel or hankie) that was hers.” I know those glass jackets have a story – to crochet these cozies and then never to use them… Well, now it’s up to you to celebrate Mom’s handiwork by using those little jackets! Lucky you. xxea

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