What the Heck is He Thinking?

Perhaps it is the heat but I’ve gone dotty over the illustrations on pattern packets. In particular, this one is making my day:

Copyrighted 1945, this underwear pattern’s illustrations appear to advertise that Real Men Wear Skirted Underwear and a Smirk, Patent Leather Shoes sans Socks and Smoke (has to be an unfiltered Camel) while awaiting…what? That’s the question.

Have answers? Do share!!!



  1. That is absolutely a hoot! I think I’ll threaten to make my husband a pair of those undies next time he complains that the laundry isn’t getting done quick enough. Guess the guy in the picture is waiting around while his other pairs are being starched and pressed. I can’t wrap my brain around someone actually having the occasion to wear/make something like that! Too funny!

  2. I tend to laugh a lot anyway, but this envelope’s undie illustration is tickling me to no end. I’ve got the original propped at eye view, which allows me lots of lookie opportunities…which takes me to this thought: Perhaps Undie Men played club Lacrosse earlier and are fresh from their showers, which might explain why Dapper Undie Man #2 appears to be waiting for his turn at the sink. Undie Man #1 is hanging around, chattin’ it up with his pals before donning a linen ensemble and meeting his wife for lunch at the club’s Terrace Grill, where she’s sipping a gin fizz and wishing someone would invent a portable phone, so waiting for hubby wouldn’t be such a boring pursuit.

    What fun to interpret! Thanks for joining me!


  3. hahaha! I am thinking Guy model #1 is thinking “do these sissy boxers give me ‘girly legs’??? Oh what a hoot! All I can say is thank goodness for FOTL (Fruit of the Loom) lol!

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