Happenstance and Pie

It’s a hundred degrees outside, and I spent Saturday morning in my hot-box of a kitchen baking a pie. There’s only one reason for such insanity – out-of-town guests arriving in time for dinner. We live an inconvenient distance from anywhere, including Denver, and friends or family making the drive to visit us is cause for celebration and a special dessert. This pie’s filling is a combination of sweet peaches and tart cherries in an almond flavored syrup with a sugar-sprinkled top crust. I added the cherries because I wanted the ingredients to match the apron I planned to wear when serving the pie (a la mode, of course).

Taking a hint from the movie Waitress, I considered the elements of Anne and Chris Weiland’s visit and accordingly named this pie: Serendipitous Detour Pie.

Anne and I met at The Farm Chicks event. From our brief exchange, I learned she’d traveled over from Portland, where she is the city’s Vintage Maven. Anne is all vintage, and aprons are especially dear to her. This past Wednesday, I contacted Anne about a kindred vintage friend visiting Portland. I’d hoped they could get together, but the timing was off, because Anne and Chris were leaving for a vacation that would take them first to Denver, “…and then we’re renting a car and driving to Bishop’s Castle, a home I’ve wanted to visit ever since seeing it on a television show ten years ago.” When I heard that, I sputtered, literally, because Bishop’s Castle (click on the link to see this thing-it’s a true wonder) is located outside the little mountain community of Rye, which is 40 minutes from Pueblo. Guess who’s coming to dinner!
On her website, Lulu’s Vintage, Anne is hosting a giveaway of two copies of The Apron Book and Apronisms. No pie, but perhaps a slice of serendipity will have you the winner.

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