Strike a Pose!

These sunny companions are the latest eVintage Greeting Card offered complimentary at my website, Apron Memories. When I first saw this snapshot, I was struck by their pose – so straightforward and without any obvious self-consciousness. Oh, for the days when such summer apparel was worn by everybody and tummy control panels were yet to be a part of the design. This photo is part of the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of black and white snapshots I purchased while traveling through west Texas.

My friend Katherine Frame was with me when I first spied and bought boxes of pictures. She questioned, politely (as is her style), why in the world I’d made such purchases, and my explanation…that I found other people’s albums historically fascinating and their tossed-away status too sad…satisfied her naught.
But later that evening, as she watched me open a hefty bag filled to the brim with pictures, her curiosity snapped to. Ladeling two huge handfuls onto the bedspread, she began to go through her pile of snapshots, and soon enough, we were into Show & Tell mode. What became obvious to us is that what we tend to photograph hasn’t changed.
Within a short time, we had piles of unrelated families and their pictures of Baby Comes Home From the Hospital, Birthday Parties, Christmas and Thanksgiving. Photos of new appliances, new cars, new homes. Vacations. Anniversaries. And pets.
The days and nights here on the High Plains have turned hot hot hot, and relief for me is to quietly sit and sift through other people’s lives.
Tie One on…an apron, of course!


  1. I absolutely LOVE your blog!! and Im putting the books on my list to get this weekend! I adore Aprons, they hold such wonderful memories and Ive taken them all to heart 😉 I have a few vintage oldies and a new one on my blog too, stop by for a visit and thanks so much for sharing such great stories!! ~ cynthias cottage design ~ aka, Cynthia 🙂

  2. hello sweet darlin…i am so pleased to meet you! this vintage housewife has just recieved your books for my birthday and i am just so darn tooten happy!!! thank you so very much for the history and love of aprons that you have! this vintage gal and her lil’ chicks wear one everyday…for sure honey!! i as well collect ol’ photo’s of wonderful vintage people…we make up sweet stories about them!! SWING BY MY PLACE SOMETIME! cat~

  3. Hey! I visited your site and straight away noted that we share two very important loves: all shades of pink and aprons. The photos with the pink roses especially caught my attention because I am so fond of this particular flower’s scent, I slather myself in glycerine and rose water body lotion. If wearing an apron outside the house isn’t enough of an attention getter, smelling like a rose farm surely is.


  4. Cynthia, a Tisket a Tasket indeed! What a fun site you’ve created. Truely, you are a prima expressionista. I know what you mean as far as black and white snapshots firing your imagination. There’s something evocative about b/w that doesn’t register when the same picture is in color.
    Oh, and thank you for loving my books and writing to tell me that.


  5. Ellyn Anne- Hello there! You are on my list of things to do too! Look forward to catching up with each other soon!

    I also collect old photos. They are so much fun. But I always feel a little sad & wonder why they aren’t with their “family” and how did they come to be in my posession.

    You’re welcome at my place anytime. Stop by & I’ll fix you a glass of sweet tea.

    For your daily dose of vintage goodness & a bit of silliness, stop by Confessions of an Apron Queen, the home of Vintage Thingies Thursdays.

  6. You say Thingies, I say Thangies. But we both say yay! to aprons. I tried to stop by for Vintage Thursdays, but alas, I instead spent the day watching a plumber named Walter fix my sprinkler system. As the hours ticked by, I comforted myself with licking melted chocolate from my fingers (residue of some bitty ice cream bar thangie/thingie), and reminding myself how many airline points I was racking up.

    Sweet tea and piles of old snapshots. Now there’s a perfect combination. Can we figure out how to do this virtually?


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