Spokane Love Fest

The Farm Chicks show was a love fest of aprons, vintage goods and comraderie. Although the thousands who awaited entrance to the great silo and hall were drenched, the rain failed to dampen the festive atmosphere. My own spirits were in high form, surrounded as I was by what seemed a community of apronistas.

Here I am smilin’ to beat the band with Monica Willis of Country Living. I’d hoped I’d meet her one day so as to thank her in person for my feature 3 years ago, and so it finally came to be. Throughout the two day fair, I presented a mini version of my Apron Memories program. The intimate setting allowed for a personal exchange of apron stories and the posing for pictures, both of which I enjoy. This delightful couple sat through one such presentation and waited a bit before approaching me to discuss her desire to sew an apron but lacking the skill to do so. She is so adorable, if I’d had my machine with me, I’d have sat and sewn one for her! Spokane is so supportive of The Farm Chicks and this fair, I look forward to returning next year with my new book.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Debbie, I hadn’t realized you lived in Portland – I hope to visit there next year when my new book publishes. One way or the other, our paths will again cross, as I will definitely be returning to the Farm Chicks event!


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