Wanted: Cinderella

Only a day left before I fly off to Spokane and The Farm Chicks annual fair. I’m more than a tad thrilled to be a part of this fun event because I not only get to finally meet the Chicks, Teri and Serena, but also the editors of Country Living magazine, specifically Monica Willis. Courtesy of Monica, I was featured in an article 3 years ago (1 full year before The Apron Book even published), and I now get to thank her in person for that coverage.

Only a day left, too, to prepare house and husband for my week-long absence. My check list for Hubby Comfort reads like it was written by Fifties television mom and wife, Harriet Nelson. For my sweet “Ozzie,” I’ve baked his favorite cookies, precooked and frozen casseroles, and there’s a roast in the oven. Where I’m behind…seriously behind…is with the laundry. Oh, how I’m wishing Cinderella was real and in need of a home. And if she were, just what perks would woo her to my home (and laundry) and not yours? Giving that a second of thought, I’ve come up with this “woo-her,” an apron sewn from her namesake pattern:
One of my favorite apron patterns to look at, this one is printed on heavy stock versus tissue, and it unfolds to reveal the pattern, as well as colorful ilustrations that show how the apron can be sewn in several variations and in different fabrics.

Cinderella, sweetie, if you’re out there, it’s Show Time or this apron. But hurry, just one day left to apply.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

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