Mommyhood in Shades

March 14, 1979 – two weeks before my 31st birthday, and I received the very best present – a baby! Having prepared for my new role as a mommy by reading every book available and purchasing the latest conveniences (the folding stroller) and bonding invention (the Snuggly baby carrier), I was nonetheless unprepared for the defining detail of parenthood: the utter and complete lack of sleep.
If I thought I was sleep deprived during my baby’s infancy, I quickly learned that Sleep Interruptus and raising children go hand in hand.

Waking to check on a child’s fever, sitting by the phone two hours past a teenager’s curfew, checking email by the minute for word from the one traveling a third world country or the other from a new job in a far away city, parents gladly forego a decent night’s sleep if their baby is safe.

March 14, 2008- HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NOAH. Sleep well. Your time is coming. Love, Mom.


  1. That picture of the two of you really makes me laugh. Jack is 3.5 and I still feel that way quite often.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. It really made my day! (And reminded me I needed to tag that post with aprons so folks can find my other apron posts.) 🙂

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