Survivor Chocolate

Oh, to be a bear and sleep through February. Such a bummer month, stuck between January (the very definition of winter) and March (the cusp of spring month). With hibernation not an option, there are but two cures to February’s doldrums: a vacation to Turks & Caicos and Christopher Elbow chocolate. From experience with both, I’m can tell you that one bite of “Elbow,” and you’re transported alright, but at a nibble of the cost of a beach in February.

Christopher Elbow produces candy that is art and dreamy tastes, like Lavendar Caramel.
Three weeks to go until the first crocus blooms is 21 days. That 21-piece box will make the rest of my February bear-able.

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Oh my gosh! That chocolate is amazing!
    Hope everything is going well with the new you-know-what. 🙂 I think about you all the time, wondering how you keep your creative energy up. Now I know. It’s Christopher Elbow chocolates!!

  2. “OK, give me some chocolate & no body gets hurt” is my motto!!!

    oh and as for Bear quotes, not sure how it goes, but something like this: “I wish I were a Bear, I could sleep all winter, not worry about shaving(my legs) and it’s ok to wake up grumpy” I luv it! wish I knew who the author is.
    hugz, katmom >^..^<

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