Quilters R Apronistas, too

The Road to California quilt show was a great time. For four days, I was surrounded by color, texture and creativity. A very energizing experience. The layout of Road is huge. It took me a day and a half just to figure how to find my way back to the booth from the ladies.

On this particular journey, I was also delighted to reacquaint with Betty Faye Ortiz, a friend of ages ago, who I haven’t seen in almost ten years! Turns out we’re both textile crazies, and Betty Faye took me shopping down in Orange County at some of her favorite haunts for undiscovered bargains. Well, bargains may be the wrong word, but undiscovered for sure. I’ll be sitting on my suitcase to get it to zip.Another surprise was meeting up with Andrea Pitts, who has been a devoted purchaser of my aprons since I started Apron Memories, and her best friend Kim (now my friend, too). They found time in their busy lives to rescue me from dining alone. Twice. Sweeties both.
AND, two aisles away sat Mark Lipinsky, editor of Quilters Home Magazine and the darling of the quilt world. Mark was an early-on reviewer of The Apron Book and continues to support me in my book ventures. Meeting like-minded apronistas is one of the perks of my apron journey. And with only two copies of The Apron Book left for sale, I kept hoping the purchasers would be memorable in a good way. Well, I got my wish. Thank you, Urbana Schneider (L) and Jan Bowden (R)!

Tie One On…an apron, of course!

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