almost on the Road 2 California

I leave tomorrow for a 5-day appearance at the RoadtoCalifornia quilt show, and have yet to begin packing. The days of my preparing a family of four for a week’s vacation with foresight and zero aggravation are apparently no longer. Why I stopped being efficient and exchanged calmness for stress is the question, and if I were packed, one I might ponder. Alas. Truth be told, I know exactly what delays my ability to organize – it is the state of my writing/apron storage room. What was tidy turns to chaos as I choose which aprons to pack and which
aprons to coordinate with my outfits. On the surface, my indecision seems ridiculous, but my reluctance to leave behind a particular apron is about my not wanting to hurt the feelings of the apron – not the fabric, mind you – I’m talking about the woman who once wore it. Giving an apron a human condition, like “spirit,” is anthropomorphizing, and in the time it took to look up the correct spelling, I could have been packed!

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. ok, so I am not crazy after all! It seemed that I was when I ‘considered the feelings of my apron’ one afternoon. I was about to make a near copy of the yellow apron that I was wearing, and then began feeling weird about sewing up the copy, as if the original one might feel put out…….. ok, maybe I really AM kookie. But seriously, that’s what I love about any handmade apron or embroidered goodies. There is/was a real person in there somewhere.

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