Little Book APRONISMS debuts

APRONISMS: Pocket Wisdom for Every Day is my new book! It’s a Little Book, a gift line byAndrews McMeel, publisher of The Apron Book. Here it is in the hands of Gideon, my youngest son, who was visiting when it arrived in the mail. It really is little, 3″ x 3 1/4″ , and so beautifully designed – the cover looks and feels like linen! Here’s the cover up close – it really is this vibrant!
It’s so adorable, I can hardly let it alone. Let APRONISMS inspire you to write down your own pearly wisdoms!

Tie One On…an apron, of course!


  1. Oh my goodness! That is the most adorable little book ever! Please tell me I can run right over to Barnes & Noble or Borders TODAY and get one!

    I just found out about your blog over at ‘The Apronista’ and linked right over…acually, I didn’t even finish reading that post, so I’ll have to go back…BUT…I’m so glad you are in Blogland! I have ‘The Apron Book’ and just sit and stare at the pictures all the time! I love vintage aprons and collect them, and I even wear them out in public all the time and get LOTS of smiles from the “little old ladies” (and I don’t mean that in a bad way!) who probably wear them themselves and CERTAINLY remember their mothers and grandmothers wearing them.

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say hello and welcome!

  2. Oh Wowzers, E.A. I luv your lastest & cutest little book…normally I would hint to my hubby for one & he would “surprize me” with it, but I am in to much of a hurry so I will “surprize myself” and go get it pronto as soon as it hits the shelves…

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